10 Reasons To Choose A Castle Wedding Venue

10 Reasons To Choose A Castle Wedding Venue - Clearwell Castle | CHWV

Have you ever thought of getting married in a castle? We’ve got 10 good reasons as to why castle wedding venues should be on your “must view” list when looking for a wedding venue.


1. Unforgettable wedding ceremony

Travelling from a church or registry office can be inconvenient and take up precious time on your wedding day. On the other hand, having your ceremony in a soulless function room can be a less than inspiring alternative. Getting married in a castle gives you the best of both worlds; the history and atmosphere of a church with the convenience of having your ceremony and reception all in one place.


10 Reasons To Choose A Castle Wedding Venue - Clearwell Castle | CHWV


2. Party like the 'A' list

Castle weddings have long been a favourite of the rich and famous. Luckily, these days you don't always have to have a bank balance like Madonna to get married in a castle. Experience a taste of the high life for yourself by having a castle celebration that looks like a million dollars (but costs much, much less!).


Party like the 'A' list


3. Your exclusive venue

Built to shelter their inhabitants from hostile invaders, castles are by their very nature, private and secluded places. What better place to escape from the outside world on your wedding day? Hiring a castle wedding venue on an exclusive use basis will add to the special atmosphere.


Your exclusive venue


4. Breathtaking wedding photographs

A castle is the ultimate backdrop for wedding photographs. Ancient arches, turrets and crenulations, stained glass and leaded windows, paintings, suits of armour, formal gardens, and fountains - the photo opportunities are endless.


Breathtaking wedding photographs


5. Quintessentially British wedding

The royal wedding of William and Kate and the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations ignited our national pride. What could be a more quintessentially British setting for your wedding than tying the knot in a priceless part of our national heritage?


Quintessentially British wedding


6. Dine like royalty

At a castle you should expect the very best in service, cuisine, and attention to detail. It's the perfect setting for an elegant formal wedding breakfast - you could even choose four or five courses instead of the standard three for a fabulous wedding banquet.


Dine like royalty


7. Be queen for a day

Your wedding is the one day in your life when you get to be the centre of attention - why not make the most of it by being queen for the day? You could really go to town and wear the fairytale princess dress you've always dreamed of or draw inspiration from recent royal weddings.


Be queen for a day


8. Be king for the day

Castle weddings are not just for the princesses. Surrounded by acres of grounds, some castles offer country pursuits that could be fun for the groom and groomsmen such as shooting, 4×4 driving or archery.


Be king for the day


9. Save a king's ransom

Opulent interiors with oil paintings, rich tapestries, grand fireplaces and chandeliers, will make elaborate decorations unnecessary - potentially saving you money. Simple wedding stationery and floral arrangements will look wonderful and could cost less - you could even make some yourself.


Save a king's ransom


10. Create your own history

Castles have long and colourful histories filled with drama and intrigue. By marrying in one, you become part of a centuries old story of romance and true love.


Create your own history

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