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5 Reasons Why You Need To Insure Your Wedding

Wedding Insurance - 5 reasons why you should insure your wedding

Although it might feel on the morning of your big day like nothing could burst your harmonious bubble, as with any major event, weddings can go wrong and it is important to be prepared for any eventuality.


Planning your wedding can be one of the most exciting times of your life! There are so many things to think about; the dress, the florist, the photographer - but what about Wedding Insurance?

Brides and grooms-to-be would be wise to take out a wedding insurance policy, as this could save them money in the long-term and give them peace of mind before the service.


Accidents may happen

Whether it is a case of an overexcited guest spilling wine over the bride's dress or a candle setting fire to a tablecloth, knowing a wedding insurance policy will cover accidents such as these will make any couple feel calmer on their big day.


Wedding gifts

Sadly, sometimes mishaps do happen and gifts are lost, stolen or damaged. Having insurance, that covers this, gives you peace of mind if something unfortunate does happen.

Wedding gifts can also add thousands to the value of your home overnight, so make sure you’re covered on your home contents insurance too!


A supplier could let you down

Through no fault of its own, your wedding supplier could suffer losses in its business just around the time of your special ceremony, which could turn the event into a disaster.

Anyone who is relying on a company to provide them with specific services must take out an insurance policy, as this will cover the costs of arranging alternative supplies and any deposits you may have put down.


It is an overseas necessity

For anyone who books a holiday abroad, travel insurance is a must-have and it is no different for future husbands and wives who are planning to jet off for their nuptials.

If anything goes wrong and a couple are hundreds of miles away from their loved ones, they can rest assured a wedding insurance policy will ease the stress and most documents can be couriered anywhere in the world should anything happen to the original copies.


Unforeseen circumstances

It could be the case that either the bride or groom falls victim to circumstances that mean the ceremony has to be cancelled or postponed, such as illness or bereavement.

When this occurs, most insurance policies cover the cost of having to delay or reschedule the wedding, so it is important that couples have something in place to give them one less thing to worry about.


Finding an insurance plan

Insurance for weddings in the UK can cover all aspects of your big day: from damage to your dress or failure of your suppliers, to cancellation of the wedding. But even with all this cover you'd be surprised how cheap wedding insurance can be!

There are a variety of insurance options available to wedding couples, below are some of the major providers:


E and L Wedding Insurance E & L Wedding Insurance

Whether you are planning a wedding abroad or a wedding in the UK,  E & L covers the ceremony and reception from as little as £19.50, with  cover for up to two years before your wedding ceremony date.

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Wedding Plan Wedding Insurance Weddingplan Wedding insurance

With policies starting from just £19.99, Weddingplan wedding insurance provides peace of mind that all your hard work in planning your big day and the cost involved, will result in a truly special day that you’ll never forget.

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Cover My Wedding Cover My Wedding Wedding Insurance

With Wedding Insurance from Cover My Wedding starting from only just £18.99, their cover will give you the peace of mind you will need leading up to your wedding day.

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Dreamsaver Wedding insurance Dreamsaver Wedding Insurance

Dreamsaver Wedding Insurance will give you the peace of mind knowing that if the worst happens you are financially covered. You can even tailor your Wedding Insurance policy.

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Debenhams Wedding insurance Debenhams Wedding Insurance

For your peace of mind, wedding insurance can protect your big day. Debenhams offers five levels of cover from as little as £39.

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Insure For Weddings Wedding insurance Insure For Weddings Wedding insurance

Insure for Weddings offer four levels of cover to suit a wide range of budgets, and from as little as £18.99, knowing that help is on hand can ease the stresses and worries of planning your wedding, and the big day itself!

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John Lewis Wedding insurance John Lewis Wedding insurance

A wedding is a major financial commitment that can be safeguarded with John Lewis Wedding Insurance. You'll want to ensure that all your hard work leads to a memorable occasion.

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