6 Brilliant Winter Honeymoon Destination Ideas

Whether you want somewhere warm and sunny or quintessentially wintry, here are Original Travel’s top winter honeymoon destination ideas.

Whether you want somewhere warm and sunny or quintessentially wintery, here are Original Travel’s top winter honeymoon destination ideas…

1. Anguilla

Where’s Anguilla? Funny you should say that, few people have even heard of Anguilla, let alone considered it as a honeymoon destination, but trust me, you should. This tiny island is just sixteen miles long, three miles wide and shaped like an eel - or Anguilla in Spanish. We lucky lot at Original Travel have visited many of the great hotels and can give first hand advice on the best to suit you and your newlywed. Nothing says romance like lying side by side, cocktail in hand and listening to the sound of sleepy backwater. If that’s not enough, then the food will surely sway you, whether you eat in a hotel, restaurant, or even a beach shack. And if you fancy a slightly more active start to married life then there is always fishing, snorkelling, diving and even couples kayaking.

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2. Botswana

If a ‘bush and beach’ combo is your idea of a dream honeymoon, Botswana is the right choice for you. The camps of Okavango Delta are some of the most romantic in Africa. Botswana is also home to some of Africa’s finest lodges, a little on the pricey side, but totally worth the price tag. Saying this, there are also other great gems that won’t dent the bank too much. Accommodation aside, there is something wonderfully romantic about seeing big game from a mokoro canoe. For less of the ‘bush’ and more of the ‘beach’, Mozambique and Mauritius are easily accessible via neighbouring South Africa.

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3. Costa Rica

Imagine if there was a place where you could fly and flop but also pack in a bit of adventure and experience culture. Well good news - in Costa Rica you can. This great little country covers all the bases whether you fancy wildlife watching, surfing, hiking, climbing a volcano or a good old fashioned suntan/cocktail combo. Costa Rica is small so you can pretty much see the whole country in two weeks and romantic boutique hotels are a particular speciality ¬- this is an ideal honeymoon location.

Costa Rica winter honeymoon destination | Visit: wedding-venues.co.uk

4. Hawaii

Hawaii is a great winter-moon destination as it is always summer there! Better still outside December and January it’s not peak season, all the more reason to snap it up with less crowds and good rates. Despite this place taking quite a while to reach, it is the easiest part of the South Pacific to get to, and so worth it. There’s plenty of indigenous culture, dramatic scenery and great beaches. The islands themselves are simply stunning with remnants of massive volcanoes and lush greenery; I’d simply recommend combining at least two during your moon. A stay on the islands fits beautifully with a spell in either California or the west coast of Canada for ideal multi-stop honeymoon.

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5. Russia

Few places conjure up such romantic images as Russia in winter – think Lara and Zhivago, swathed in furs, dashing across the snow-bound steppe in a troika. Fear not, unlike those ill-fated lovers you won’t need to find shelter in deserted, frozen wastes but rather in the comfort of one of St Petersburg’s extremely stylish and centrally-located boutique hotels. Spend your days admiring Russian art and architecture and your evenings marvelling at the Mariinsky Ballet or feeding one another an endless supply of caviar and vodka. Follow in the footsteps of Anna K and take the overnight train to Moscow where Red Square, the Bolshoi and a hearty Russian welcome await you. This is an ideal option for a winter mini-moon.

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6. Thailand

Calling Thailand a winter honeymoon is somewhat of an oxymoron, as when the Great British weather turns bitter, Thailand’s climate gets warmer, making this little gem an ideal spot for some winter sun. With beautiful beaches, outstanding hotels, delicious food, jungle adventures, impeccable service and good value for money – what more could you want on a honeymoon? Perhaps a romantic sunset boat trip? Or a snorkel trip off one of Thailand’s many islands? Or maybe even some jungle trekking in inland Chaing Mai?

I’ll let you in on a little secret…on a Thai-moon you can do all of the above, and more.

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