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Boho seemingly never dies. The 60s and 70s were perhaps the dawn of this trend but its roots can be traced way back. Join us in a little bohemian rhapsody...

Boho is a look that seemingly never dies, it just keeps on evolving. With hippy culture and flower power, the 60s and 70s were perhaps the dawn of this trend but its roots can be traced back to the Pre-Raphaelites beauties of the 19th century (see Florence Welch for a contemporary take). Join us in a little bohemian rhapsody...

Venues for a boho theme

It’s got to be barns all the way for a boho wedding theme. Oak beams or rustic stone, lakes, woods, green fields and wild hedgerows are all there for the taking. Amazing barns such as Bartholomew Barn in West Sussex, Clock Barn in Hampshire, The Ashes in Staffordshire or Sandhole Oak Barn in Cheshire are all just waiting for your creative vision to turn them into a boho/folk paradise.

Bartholomew barn wedding venue in Sussex is ideal for a boho wedding. Image by | Visit

How would you dress this barn for a boho wedding? Image by | Visit

Vintage boho weddings at Clock Barn wedding venue in Hampshire. Image by | Visit

Get married by the lake and have you reception in a beautiful oak barn. Image by | Visit

Boho wedding style

Boho brides could wear embroidery, floral chiffon, headbands, leather sandals and long-flowing hair dressed with a sprinkling of flowers. Add metallic elements for a modern twist. Grooms could complement the bride by wearing a velvet suit with a floral lining or a floral shirt, if feeling brave.

Boho wedding theme


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