Decorate Your Venue On A Budget

We speak to The Little Wedding Helper's venue stylist, Kirsten & find out how when it comes to cash v. venue styling, less can definitely be more!


Floral Wedding Table Spread


If you’ve been reading the wedding glossies or following the blogs you’ve no doubt seen a myriad of awesomely beautiful weddings. But if you’re budget is tight, don’t worry - it doesn’t cost a fortune to make your wedding look a million dollars. On the contrary, Kirsten, venue stylist at The Little Wedding Helper, believes that when it comes to cash v. venue styling, less can definitely be more! Here are her tips for decorating your wedding venue on a budget...

I genuinely feel that couples who plan their wedding on a budget put more of themselves, and more thought and love into each decision, than couples who have more money than they know what to do with. It's when you have to consider the trappings and trimmings of weddings that you can do without, that you begin to focus on the things that are important to you.


Do your own flowers

Flowers bought from the local flower market or even the supermarket can be gathered in mismatched glass jars, decorated with lace, ribbon, twine, or old family photos. You can ask your bridesmaids to collect an assortment of bottles and jars for you over the course of a few months - and keep an eye out for especially pretty ones at car boots.


Flowers Arranged in Glass Jars


Use things you already have

Choose objects from your childhoods, books that belonged to your parents, your grandmother’s favourite vase. Not only will your family and friends love to see a little of themselves included in your big day, when you look back through the photos you'll appreciate all these additional personal touches so much more than shop bought ornaments that just happened to match your table runners.


Sentimental Object Centrepiece   Sentimental Table Decorations


Make your own favours

Another idea is making your own favours. Instead of flower arrangements use the jars you've collected and fill them with a delicious homemade jam or chutney. Buying jars in bulk can be costly but if you want a uniform style make sure you shop around for the best price. Be sure to buy your ingredients in bulk from your local farmers market, and pick ingredients that are in season to keep the cost down. Not only will your guests have something delicious to take home, it's a great excuse to sample lots of lovely recipes.


Jam and Chutney Wedding Favours


Thanks Kirsten! Read Kirsten’s tips on styling a vintage wedding.

Have you come up with any thrifty ideas for styling your wedding?

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