Questions To Ask Your Wedding Venue

When you’re visiting lots of wedding venues it can all become a bit of a blur. Having a list of questions to ask will help you to compare potential wedding venues and avoid any surprises later on.


When you’re visiting lots of wedding venues it can all become a bit of a blur. Having a list of questions to ask will help you to compare potential wedding venues and avoid any surprises later on.


Getting ready and access on the day

What time can we start setting up?

On the day of your wedding, your florist and those helping to get the venue ready will need access for setting up and for deliveries such as your cake.

Will you help me put out our decorations?

When it comes to laying out your table decorations and favours, some wedding venues may have an Events Team who will do this for you, others may not.

Do you have any restrictions on decorations?

You may have your heart set on bunting or candles, but some venues could have restrictions about how you apply your decorations e.g. sticky tape, nails or tacks could be a no-no.

Is there somewhere to get ready?

Getting ready with your bridesmaids may be possible at your wedding venue if they have a bridal or honeymoon suite. If not, the venue may be able to recommend a nearby hotel.


Bridal Makeup Artist
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Civil ceremony

How many guests can we invite?

Working out your guest numbers can often be tricky. Your wedding venue might be able to accommodate more people for the ceremony with some standing.

Are chairs and the registrar’s table provided?

Ask your wedding venue if the chairs and registrar’s table for the civil ceremony are included in the venue hire or whether you will have to hire these separately.

Are different layouts possible?

It may be possible for the registrar’s table be set up at a different place in the ceremony room or for the chairs to be arranged differently so you can enter from a different point if you wish.

What are the earliest and latest times for a ceremony?

Once you have booked your wedding venue you’ll need to book your ceremony separately with the registrar. Knowing what ceremony times the venue can accommodate will make this easier.


Wedding reception

Where does the drinks reception take place?

Does the venue have a separate area for a drinks reception? If not, ask how this works on the day in terms of turning rooms around e.g. where do guests go? If drinks receptions can take place outside, what happens if it rains?

Do you have a preferred caterer?

Find out if your wedding venue has a preferred caterer and if so, ask for their contact details. If you are interested in booking the venue, you can check with the caterer about their prices and services.

How many can be seated and are there different layouts?

Your venue may be able to accommodate different guest numbers depending on the layout of tables or shape of tables.

Are tables and chairs provided?

Check if tables and chairs are included in the venue hire. Some wedding venues may have a set number of chairs, but if the venue can accommodate more guests and you are having larger guest numbers, you may need to hire extra.

Are there places for a crèche or quiet area?

A separate room to set up a crèche or children’s area can be useful, as is a comfortable seating area for older guests.

Is there a licensed bar?

A licensed bar could be included in the hire of the venue or it may be necessary to make arrangements for your caterers to provide one. Ask whoever is providing the bar for a copy of the bar prices. Be aware that these can often be subject to change.


Wedding Drinks Reception
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Evening reception and finish time

How many extra guests can be invited in the evening?

When finalising your guest list it will help to know if you can add a few more people in the evening if you need to.

Where does dancing take place and are DJs/bands ok?

Many wedding venues may have a designated dance floor or area for dancing. Check if the venue has any rules about the number of band members or preferred suppliers. Most wedding venues have a decibel limiter, which professional DJs/bands shouldn’t find a problem.

What time does the wedding venue close?

To help with planning your day, find out what time the bar closes, what time music should finish and what time the venue closes.


General questions

What happens if it rains on the day?

This is an important question if you are planning to have a ceremony and/or drinks reception outside.

Where are the best photographic opportunities?

When you’re looking around a wedding venue, seeing where you can get the best photographs is useful. Nice photo backdrops are a real bonus.

What local accommodation is available?

Many couples now have guests travelling from far and wide to attend their wedding. A good range of accommodation in the local area will make life easier for your guests.

Do you allow fireworks/Chinese lanterns?

You’ll probably find that most wedding venues do not allow Chinese or sky lanterns owing to safety concerns. Some wedding venues allow fireworks around Bonfire Night only.


We hope this list is useful. Here is a printable list of these wedding venue questions for you to take with you on your showrounds if you wish. Our wedding venue specialists are always on hand to answer your questions on 01244 571208.

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