5 Reasons Why You Should Have a Halloween Wedding Theme

Have you had a bone to pick with Halloween wedding themes since forever? Perhaps it’s time to lay down the hatchet and make friends with this most unlikely of wedding themes. It could be love at first bite (gah!)

If the idea of a Halloween wedding theme makes your blood run cold for all the wrong reasons, you could be missing a trick (or treat – sorry!). Turning this traditionally tacky time of year on its head is a brilliant way to show off your creative side. And your guests will love you for it. Here’s our top 5 reasons why you should have a Halloween wedding:

1. Halloween wedding dates are easier to find

Any wedding venue worth its salt is booked up years in advance. That is, unless you can find a new one that’s just opened with a clear diary. So if you’d rather not wait a couple of years for your big day, less popular Autumn wedding dates are your new best friends.

Halloween Wedding Ideas - Venue | CHWV

Halloween Wedding Ideas - Invitation | CHWV  Halloween Wedding Ideas - Invitation | CHWV

2. You can have more fun with fashion

Your wedding is the one day in your life when you can wear something fabulously outlandish. Couple that fact with a Halloween wedding theme and you’ve got a blank cheque in the wardrobe stakes. Always fancied wearing a vampish veil or a steampunk-style frock? Bring it on! Or go ultra-classy with a black and white theme.

Halloween Wedding Theme - Outfits | CHWV

Halloween Wedding Theme - Outfits | CHWV

3. Food can be more creative

Halloween is a time for feasting. Pumpkin soup, pork and apple sausages with colcannon mash and baked toffee apple desserts are just some of the delicious recipes you could try for your wedding menu. And it’s all about the sweet treats, so a Halloween themed dessert table could be an interesting twist on tradition.

Halloween Wedding Ideas - Food | CHWV

Halloween Wedding Ideas - Food | CHWV

Halloween Wedding Ideas - Drinks | CHWV  Halloween Wedding Ideas - Drinks | CHWV

4. You can go over the top

If you have a flair for the dramatic, Halloween is the time of year you can set it loose. Along with your imagination. Your venue can be the stage for an extravaganza of your choosing; whether you go traditional and embrace the macabre or opt for your own interpretation of this ancient festivity.

Halloween Wedding Ideas - Decoration | CHWV

Halloween Wedding Ideas - Decoration | CHWV  Halloween Wedding Ideas - Decoration | CHWV

5. Your guests will get into the party spirit

Above all, Halloween is fun. So if having the party to end all parties is top of your wedding to-do list, a Halloween theme should be second. Apple bobbing, the Monster Mash and overindulging in sugar is enough to make even the most wallflower-ish guests come out of their shells. And, unlike Christmas and Easter, it’s a tradition we more often celebrate with friends, so you won’t have to worry about clashing with other family occasions.

Halloween Wedding Ideas - Party Spirit | CHWV

Halloween Wedding Ideas - Party Spirit | CHWV  Halloween Wedding Ideas - Party Spirit | CHWV

Well, we hope we’ve changed your mind about Halloween weddings. If you’re hungry for more, see our Halloween theme scrapbook on Pinterest.

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