5 Things To Consider When Shopping For The Perfect Ring

Struggling to pick the perfect engagement ring? The following 5 expert tips could help you to make a more informed decision.

Buying an engagement ring can be an incredibly daunting process, particularly if you‘re not familiar with the complicated factors that are used to define the relative value of any given diamond, or don’t know which aspects to prioritize when it comes to choosing between different rings.

The following 5 points should help you to make some sense of the noise; allowing you to make informed decisions, while avoiding costly mistakes:

1. Settling on a specific shape can save a lot of time

A diamond’s shape (sometimes referred to as its cut) is one of the most defining aspects of its makeup, and plays an absolutely instrumental role in establishing the character of any given engagement ring. As such, deciding whether you want a traditional round fancy, a more modern emerald cut or even a revolutionary ‘princess’ shape should be one of the first decisions that you make when it comes to picking the perfect ring.

Deciding on a specific shape before you journey off to the high-street can help to drastically reduce the amount of time that you waste looking at rings you’ll never go for.

Choosing an engagement ring - Classic cut | CHWV  Choosing an engagement ring - Emerald cut | CHWV  Choosing an engagement ring - Princess cut | CHWV

2. Focusing on cut quality can help you to avoid costly mistakes

Jewellers use a number of different variables to grade a diamond – looking at everything from the purity of its shine to the inclusion of microscopic flaws that can only be seen at 400x magnification.

Because so many aspects are used to determine a diamonds price, it can be incredibly easy for the uninitiated to get caught up in the fine detail – a process that inevitably ends up with you prioritizing the wrong elements, and paying too much for a diamond just because it possesses some feature that’s all but invisible without a jeweller’s magnifier.

To avoid this, it’s recommended that you prioritize the aspects of a diamonds character that have a large impact on the way that it appears to the naked eye. So, look for high carat and cut grades first, then things like high clarity grades (FL to VS2) and attractive colour grades (D to J).

Choosing an engagement ring - Sparkle Front | CHWV  Choosing an engagement ring - Three stone | CHWV

3. Requesting certification will help to ensure that your Diamond is genuine

All reputable jewellers will provide you a gemmologists certificate when you purchase a stone, and failure to do so is a huge red flag.

This paperwork may seem like an intimidating and unnecessary formality, but even if you’re not going to study each individual aspect of your new purchases’ makeup in detail, being handed it means that you’ll at least be able to rest easy in the knowledge that your stone is real, and has been closely examined by an expert.

Choosing an engagement ring - Sorbet Front | CHWV  Choosing an engagement ring - Emerald Cut | CHWV

4. Prioritising the setting and band can lead to expensive errors

It doesn’t matter if the jeweller is pushing the carat quality of the gold they’ve used, or trying to relentlessly upsell the resilience the platinum that they set their stones in – you need the smallest number of distractions possible when it comes to making such a huge purchase, and the simple fact of the matter is that the most important aspect of any ring is the quality of the actual jewel it contains, so don’t let yourself make decisions based on the quality or appeal of the metal settings.

Distilling the variables to ensure that you’re only making decisions based on the diamond can dramatically reduce the amount of time that you spend making a decision, and also help to ensure that you end up buying the nicest diamond that you can afford. Plus, you can always have the stones reset at a later date anyway.

Choosing an engagement ring - Right hand ring | CHWV  Choosing an engagement ring - Multi diamond ring | CHWV

5. Asking to actually try your ring on can make a huge difference

It might sound like common sense, but if you’re really in struggling to make a decision then actually trying the rings on can really make a huge difference. This is because certain shapes and sizes of diamond can complement (or clash with) different finger shapes. So, while you might be stuck between two equally beautiful rings when they’re sitting side by side on their cushions, actually slipping them onto your finger can quickly reveal which of the two actually suits you best.

No good jeweller will object to this either, so don’t shy away from asking if you think it’ll help you to make a critical decision.
Choosing an engagement ring - Right hand ring | CHWV

About the Author - This post was compiled with the help of Christopher Stoner – A bespoke jewellers in Harrogate that specializes in custom-built diamond jewellery.

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