Autumn Bridal Make Up look

It's time to embrace the autumn! This simple autumnal wedding look has hints of smoke and deep purple and is guaranteed to give you that sultry look you're looking for.

Autumn Wedding make-up ideas | CHWV
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1. Eyebrows & Primer

As with my previous tutorials, it's important to start with your eyes before applying your foundation. I've used HD Brows Eye & Brow Palette and applied the colour in small strokes with a thin slanted brush. To set the brow I've used ‘Gimme Brow’ by Benefit in medium/deep.

To clean up the brow and to accentuate the arch of your brow, apply a concealer that is lighter than your foundation. I've used Benefit's Boi-ing cream concealer - use a small, soft brush to blend the concealer in along the brow bone. Then Prime your eyes with an eye primer (you can use foundation or concealer, but they can often crease the shadow). There are many on the market, for this look I have used Pro-Base Eye Primer by Makeup Academy.

2. Corner & Lid

Using 'I Do' from the Too Faced Romantic Eye Palette (matt taupe), apply to the outer corner of your eye using soft rounded brush. Then take 'Bouquet Toss' (matt cream) from the same pallet and apply from your inner corner and joking where the crease colour meets. Take an eye shadow buffer brush or small rounded brush and buff out the darker colour. Lightly sweep your brush back and forth where the colours meet to blend them together. Make sure you don't drag the darker colour across the lid.

3. Accentuate

Clean your small brush and apply 'Incubus' from Illamasqua (matt dark grey) to the outer crease and outer third of your lid. Using your buffer brush, smoke out the colour to create a smoky look.

4. Highlight

Once blended, go back to the Too Faced Palette and apply 'Soulmates' to the centre of the lid and under your brow - this will give your eyes a subtle shimmery highlight.

Autumn Wedding make-up ideas | CHWV

5. Eyeliner

Using a black kohl eyeliner, I've used the S.O.P.H.I.E. eye colouring pencil by Illamasqua, line your lid. Make sure that the pencil you use has a soft waxy texture that can easily blend.

6. Blend

Use a firmer round brush and dip it back in to 'Incubus'. Use this colour to blend over the eyeliner and soften the edges.

7. Back to the eyeliner

Using the black pencil, line under your eye approximately two thirds of the way across your eye line.

8. Pop of purple

This is where you get to play with colour! You can use any colour that compliments your tones and even your bouquet! I've used 'Passion' from bareMinerals 'The Inspiration' palette (dark shimmery purple). Use a small brush (or even a cotton bud) and add it below the pencil line. You can be as bold as you want with colour and how much you apply, but make sure that you use a small soft brush to blend the two together. Don't mix the colours, you'll lose the purple, just lightly sweep over to soften any harsh lines.

Autumn Wedding make-up ideas | CHWV

9. Mascara

Curl your lashes and apply Revlon's 'Grow Luscious' mascara. This will give you long, beautiful lashes. Then, using No7 Stay Perfect Mascara, apply one coat all over your lashes. Your mascara will then be locked in.

10. Complete the look

Using Makeup Academy's Pro-Base Prime & Conceal palette, use peach cream to neutralise any purple tones under your eyes and green to balance out redness on your chin or around your nose.

Follow with Collection's Lasting Perfection concealer under your eyes, making sure not to remove your makeup on the lower lash line. This will not only give you it only an opportunity to clean up any mistakes, it will create a lovely highlight under your eyes. For foundation I used CHANEL Vitalumière Aqua Skin Perfecting Makeup and applied with a round foundation brush.

Once you have applied your foundation, go back to your lower lash line and use the small brush you soften the edges again, reapplying some colour if required.

Set your makeup with a loose powder such as Illamasqua's translucent powder. Make sure you only apply it on the areas that tend to go greasy - do not apply it under your eye as this will make them cakey.

For the cheeks I used Bobbi Brown's Shimmer Brick in Rose, and Bobbi Brown Bronzing powder to contour my cheekbones. When using a bronzer for contouring make sure that it is matt, any shimmer will provide highlights in areas where you want to create depth.

To complete your look, use a pink/plum lip liner such as the Velvet Touch lip liner by GOSH in ‘Antique Rose’. This is a long lasting lip liner that will see you through your ceremony and photographs! Fill in your lips with the pencil for a matt effect. To give your lips a sheen apply a lipstick over the top.

Autumn Wedding make-up ideas - The finished look | CHWV

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