Music Monday: The Correct Order of the First Dance

Getting the correct order of first dances at a wedding can be tricky. We thought we would clear up for you exactly who does what, and when.

When it comes to weddings, nothing is set in stone. How you interpret it can play homage to you as a couple, and stay true to what you both are about. But, with anything that has traditions, there is a certain way of doing things. So when it comes to the first dance, we thought would we would clear up the exact order of things.

The correct order of the first dance - Bride and Groom | CHWV
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Man and Wife go first

All eyes have been firmly cast on you up until this point, and this isn’t about to change. Take your place firmly in the spotlight but don’t get too nervous. Nobody is there to judge you on your two-left feet, they will simply be revelling in a sweet moment between two people in love, and you should do the same. Shut out your surroundings, take in your song and be the only two people in the room for a bit.

The correct order of the first dance - Father and Daughter | CHWV
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Dance with your father

Traditionally, after the newly wed couple has completed their first dance it is then the turn of the Bride and her father (or the person you chose to give you away) whilst the Groom dances with the Bride’s mother. For a parent, having the chance to steal a moment with their child on their wedding day will be one of their greatest memories.

The correct order of the first dance - Mother and Son | CHWV
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Switch it up

After that, it is then the turn of the mother and father of the bride to dance, while the groom dances with his mother, and then the groom’s parents dance with each other.

Now that is a lot of dancing!

Of course, at any point during this you can also invite the Bridal party, Groomsmen and your guests to join you on the dance floor, to truly get the party started and take the pressure off those of you that hate being in the limelight for too long.

And if it’s not for you?

Nothing is ever set in stone. If the thought of dancing in front of your family and friends absolutely fills you with dread, then just leave it out. Everybody will be so busy having a great time, they probably won’t notice anyway.

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