Orange Wedding Theme Ideas

An orange wedding theme can spice up your big day and turn gloomy autumn into an uplifting place to be! Check out our ideas for styling an orange wedding.

Orange is an underused wedding theme colour. So choosing it for your big day offers lots of opportunities to do something a bit different. This autumnal colour is everywhere in October and November, as leaves turn from their summer green, and pumpkins appear in the shops.

Orange Wedding Theme Ideas | CHWV

Colour psychology says orange is optimistic, which is perfect for the new beginning marriage represents. And, this stimulating colour relates to communication, so it could even get guests mingling at your wedding reception.

Orange Wedding Theme Ideas | CHWV

Orange as part of your wedding wardrobe

How much or how little orange you use in your wedding attire depends on how much you like it and the skin tones of those wearing it. Orange looks gorgeous with darker skin and hair. So if your bridesmaids are brunette beauties, they could embrace orange and wear fruity-hued dresses.

Orange comes in many different shades of course, and blondes and redheads look fantastic in rich, burnt orange or pastel tones. But if all-over orange is too much for you, make it your accent colour instead.

Orange Wedding Theme Ideas - Bridesmaids | CHWV  Orange wedding theme ideas - Bridesmaids | CHWV

Bouquets peppered with orange flowers look effortlessly chic. Or how about making a statement with orange high-heels? You can even inject some orange zing into your makeup palette, with vibrant orange nail polish or an earthy orange eyeshadow.

Orange Wedding Theme Ideas - Flowers | CHWV

Orange Wedding Theme Ideas - Bridesmaids | CHWV  Orange wedding theme ideas - Bridesmaids | CHWV

The menfolk can get in on the orange-action too, with orange ties and pocket handkerchiefs. Head-to-toe orange in the form of a three-piece suit might be pushing it a bit. But a deep orange jacket with mismatched trousers would be perfect for hipsters.

Orange Wedding Theme Ideas - Groomsman | CHWV  Orange wedding theme ideas - Groomsmen | CHWV

Orange wedding decorations

Pops of orange in your wedding decorations will lift the mood and catch people’s eye. Orange floral centerpieces against a crisp, white tablecloth, for example, make a pleasing contrast. Or try complementing pretty pale orange with glittering gold.

Orange Wedding Theme Ideas - Decorations | CHWV  Orange wedding theme ideas - Decorations | CHWV

The beauty of orange is that less is more. It’s such rich, vibrant colour that you don’t need as many decorations to create a dazzling effect. And styling an orange wedding can also be kind to your budget if you rely on mother nature.

Pumpkins are a Halloween staple, but these cheeky gourds aren’t just for trick or treating. If you’re crafty, there’s an incredible amount of stylish pumpkin stencil ideas on the net. And even the less artistically gifted amongst us can pick up a paintbrush and transform a pumpkin simply with white or silver paint and glitter.

Orange Wedding Theme Ideas - Pumpkin | CHWV

Dried leaves, fruits and nuts in their shells look brilliant arranged on garlands or piled up around your floral displays. And if you fancy some DIY and have the time before the big day, you can create a range of natural decorations that cost buttons.

Orange Wedding Theme Ideas - Bridesmaids | CHWV  Orange wedding theme ideas - Fruit | CHWV

So why not take the plunge and dabble with orange for your wedding? And for some extra juicy orange inspiration, check out our Orange wedding theme ideas board on Pinterest.

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