Planning the Perfect New Year’s Eve Wedding

It’s a time of the year that comes with a lot of pressure and expectation, so here are some top tips to planning your gorgeous New Year’s Eve wedding!

We find ourselves getting into the festive spirit of things here at CHWV HQ, so we thought now would be the perfect time to ask our favourite wedding planner Alex from Bijou Bride for her top tips for planning a wedding on New Year’s Eve.

Planning the perfect New Year's Eve wedding | CHWV

What is the best way to have an NYE theme, without making it too tacky?

Keep the look rich and elegant with black, gold and berry tones. Champagne is synonymous with New Year’s Eve so set up a DIY Bellini bar, spray paint Champagne bottles to use as vases for centerpieces or even hang them from the ceiling for a real talking point.

Planning the perfect New Year's Eve wedding | CHWV

What are fun ways to countdown to midnight?

Use a slideshow for the last ten-second countdown, it could show ten photos spanning your courtship or be some funny ones of you holding the numbers.

Love that idea!

Planning the perfect New Year's Eve wedding | CHWV

What is the best way to negotiate prices with suppliers, to avoid paying premium just because it’s New Year’s Eve?

Realistically, there will not be much wiggle room on the price of hiring a venue on New Year’s Eve. Be savvy about what you are going after. If you have a budget of a Hotel on a regular weekend, and you go after a Stately Home on New Year’s Eve then it is not likely that you will reach a price you can both be happy with.

Be realistic from the start, because you are wanting to do it on such a high profile night of the year, and to any venue one of the most important, then don’t go for the grandest venue on your wishlist. Go for somewhere with a little less curb appeal and dress it up beautifully.

Planning the perfect New Year's Eve wedding | CHWV

Is it still OK to do a daytime wedding or would it be better to opt for evening and work it in as a part of the theme?

There’s nothing wrong with sticking to a daytime schedule, but having it all start in the evening would be a fun twist, and your guests would still be feeling lively when midnight rolls around.

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