Silver Wedding Theme Ideas

Looking to host a glamorous and unique wedding day? After reading our top styling tips you’ll be inspired to design your own wow-factor silver themed wedding celebration.

Silver has always been a popular wedding colour. Its sleek, glamorous and sophisticated feel makes it the perfect choice for an elegant affair. With a silver filled occasion it can be a fine line between tasteful and tacky, but with our styling tips you’re bound to impress every single one of your guests!

Glamorous gowns

Not sure how to bring a touch of silver to your wedding attire without looking like you’ve stepped out of the 70’s? There are so many ways you incorporate your theme into your wedding gown without looking over the top. If you’re feeling really reserved, or would like to wear something more traditional, opt for a princess, fishtail or A-line dress and add a silver embellished waist belt. Not only do they look fantastic, they’re big in the world of weddings right now.

For a more unique, wow-factor look, shop for a dress with silver embroidery or sequin detail. There are some beautiful vintage style gowns like this around. Two of our favourites include Rose, by Jenny Packham and Doris, by Maggie Sottero.

Silver Wedding Theme - Maggie Sottero, Patience | CHWV

Silver Wedding Theme - Jenny Packham, Rose | CHWV  Silver Wedding Theme - Glamorous Gowns | CHWV

Silver Wedding Theme - Maggie Sottero, Doris | CHWV

Silver maids

When it comes your bridal party, why not go all out and opt for silver dresses with a touch of shimmer to really help to make you and your maids stand out? Or for something more subtle, opt for grey tones that complement your silver theme – you can always pair a dress of this colour with sassy silver strappy shoes, or some stunning silver jewellery.

If you’re having a spring or summer wedding, you may want to add a pop of colour to your big-day snaps with bridesmaids dressed in a colour that complements your silver theme. Midnight blue, and cooler colours like mint greens and soft pinks all work wonderfully with silver and create a romantic and chic feel for your day.

Silver Wedding Theme - Silver Maids | CHWV

All that sparkles

Your wedding styling starts with the tables and my oh my you can have a lot of fun with silver! Our favourite ideas include shimmering silk tablecloths, or for the more lavish affair, sequins. Glassware and extra special touches such as shimmering cutlery or menu pockets also enhance this look.

Silver looks best when styled in a classy way – you don’t want guests thinking they’ve walked into a glitter factory or tacky nightclub with too many balloons, glitter balls and silver table confetti! Choosing a luxurious tablecloth means you can go simple with the rest of your décor. Choose something like the classic yet elegant silver candelabra, enhanced with your favourite blooms. Ensure the flowers you pick match your bridal bouquet and feature cool tones like greys, white and light pink.

For a less formal centrepiece, opt for glass bows, filled with white roses or bundles of gypsophila. These look especially good on long trestle tables with flower arrangements placed in between each couple.

Silver Wedding Theme - All That Sparkles, Candlestick | CHWV

Silver Wedding Theme - All That Sparkles | CHWV  Silver Wedding Theme - All That Sparkles, Baubles | CHWV

Silver Wedding Theme - All That Sparkles, Table Setting | CHWV

Finishing touches

Your wedding styling doesn’t have to stop with your table décor either. Why not go all out and hire silver chairs too? If your venue is a blank canvas and you’ve chosen simple, classy décor throughout, brushed silver chairs can add the perfect finishing touch. For rustic or boho silver themed weddings, you could even add a touch of ivy to chair backs to tone down the glam and add a touch of romance.

If silver chairs are out of your budget, or not quite your thing, you could always enhance your chairs with a grey chiffon bow, or sequin chair back.

Silver Wedding Theme - Finishing Touches, Chairs | CHWV

Silver Wedding Theme - Finishing Touches, Table Setting | CHWV

Floral sensation

To bring your silver theme to your bridal blooms, you can either finish off your flowers with a silk silver wrap, or you can ask your florist to spray some of your flowers silver – this works best with berries and with leaves. Generally cool, soft colours work best with a silver wedding theme, so keep flower choices to shades of white, light pink or pale green.

An alternative to the floral bouquet is the brooch bouquet – something that fits really well with vintage wedding themes. Many florists design brooch bouquets these days so why not find one in your local area who can design one full of silver sparklers!

Silver Wedding Theme - Floral Sensation | CHWV

Silver Wedding Theme - Floral Sentation, Brooch Bouquet | CHWV

Eye candy

Silver is incredibly easy to incorporate into any wedding cake design and always looks classy. For a chic, fun feel, why not ask your cake maker to decorate one tier with a bit of sparkle? Or for something more traditional and classic, stick to an all white wedding cake and accessorise with silver or grey ribbons.

Then there’s the sweet buffet… With a silver and white themed sweet table you’ll be able to create a wedding masterpiece and favour table in one, for all your guests to enjoy. Display your sweet treats in glass jars and opt for items that have been wrapped in silver foil. When it comes to delights like macaroons and cupcakes, ask your baker to sprinkle them with edible silver glitter.

Silver Wedding Theme - White and Silver Wedding Cake | CHWV  Silver Wedding Theme - White and Silver Wedding Cake | CHWV

Silver Wedding Theme - Silver Sweet Buffett | CHWV

Silver Wedding Theme - Hersheys Kisses | CHWV  Silver Wedding Theme - White Chocolate Covered Oreos | CHWV

Want some more shimmering silver big-day inspiration? Check out our silver wedding theme ideas board on Pinterest.

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