The Do’s and Don'ts of Wedding Invitations

Wedding stationery experts The Card Gallery reveal their do's and don'ts when it comes to wedding invitation etiquette and how to get it right.

The Card Gallery has been established for 10 years and has helped 1000’s of brides over the years with their wedding stationery. Here they have put together a mini guide of ‘The do’s and don’ts of wedding invitations’, sharing lots of tips and advice to help you plan your wedding invitations more easily.


Set a theme
Setting a theme in the early stages of your wedding planning can help as you go on to choose wedding invitations, flowers, bridesmaid dresses, venue decorations and so on, bringing everything together perfectly. Choosing a wedding invitation to reflect your theme is important as it will often be the first snippet your guests will get of your big day. For instance, choosing a vintage design will imply you’re having a vintage style wedding, a snowflake design will imply you’re having a winter wedding, a beach themed design will imply you’re getting married by the sea or even abroad. Here we have created a vintage mood board to show you how this can help you choose the correct style of wedding invitation to fit with your theme.

Order samples
Ordering samples allows you to see and feel the quality of your invitation before you commit to buy. It will also give you an accurate colour swatch as colours can appear quite different if you’re viewing items online. Many good wedding stationery companies offers samples free of charge so it is well worth doing.

Look to see if there’s matching stationery
You are more than likely going to need other stationery for your wedding like order of service, table plan, table numbers, menus, place cards and even thank you cards. If you want it all to match your invite then you need to check that all of these items are available otherwise you could end up with a mish mash of stationery throughout your day.

Use the correct wording
There are many different ways of wording your wedding invitation, depending on who is hosting your wedding (who is paying). Research ‘wedding invitation etiquette’ this will provide you with all different ways of wording your invitation depending on your circumstances.

Be organised
Being organised will save you time and keep you more in control of your planning. For instance, gathering addresses can be time consuming so once you have got them all for your wedding invitations, keep them safe, making it quick and easy to send out your thank you cards. Another suggestion would be to double check your venue booking before sending out your invites. It has been known for venues to get things wrong or even double book, causing a lot of stress and upset for the wedding couple.


Exceed your budget
It is very easy to get carried away in the early stages of your wedding planning. Before deciding on which wedding invitation you want, work out the total cost of the invitations plus any other products you will need like order of service, table plan, table numbers, place cards, menus and thank you cards. Doing this could end up being the deciding factor of which invitation you go for, if one wedding stationery package ends up being more affordable than the other.

Address the invitation with ‘and family’
You should make it absolutely clear who is invited to your wedding to avoid any confusion and misunderstanding. Addressing the invitation ‘and family’ also makes it sound like a bit of an ‘open invitation’ allowing your guests to bring along whoever they like, which could not only end up being embarrassing for you but for your guests too. It also looks informal and implies that you don’t know the children’s names, making it feel less personal so it’s well worth finding out this information off friends or family if you don’t already know it.

Make your invitation look too busy
Invitations should be kept clear and simple. Always use a font or handwriting that is easy to read, to save any misunderstanding. If you have lots of other information you want to tell your guest then include a separate guest information card.

Send out your invitations too late
Make sure you allow your guests plenty of time to rsvp. They may need to check if they can get time off work or even transport if they are elderly, before committing to saying ‘yes’. Equally you will have a deadline set by your venue regarding finalising final numbers so this deadline must also be met to allow them necessary time to do their bit.

If we were to add one last tip it would be … enjoy planning your wedding. It is not meant to be stressful or even a chore, it is all part of your special day.

The Card Gallery x

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