Wedding Cake Trends 2015

Whether you have a fondness for fondant or a craving for croquembouche, we take you through our favourite delicious cake trends for 2015.

2015 Wedding Cake Trends - Photography by Krishanthi | CHWV
Image © Photography by Krishanthi


Cakes and metallics are a match made in wedding-heaven. ‘Metallic cakes are statement pieces’ says Krishanthi Armitt from Cakes by Krishanthi. ‘If you want to add a little of panache to your wedding, this is the style to choose. I find it very difficult to hold back with gold and silver leaf!’ Combined with an antique lace design, antique effect metallics can give a beautiful vintage style, while a more shiny silver on a contemporary cake is unashamedly modern. If you’re feeling brave, glam up every tier.

2015 Wedding Cake Trends - Metallic | CHWV


Fondant frills and ruffles are all the rage for 2015. These delicate designs show off the pure expertise of a talented cake designer, with frills perhaps covering the entire cake or just one tier. Frills can create an illusion of a pretty fabric effect in the cake design, especially with white icing on a white cake. ‘The trend for frilly, soft cakes that mimic the exquisite folds, rosettes and ruffles of wedding dresses by designers such as Vera Wang is set to continue for some time’ says Elizabeth Solaru from Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium. The larger and more colourful the frill, the more flamboyant the cake!

2015 Wedding Cake Trends - Frills and Ruffles | CHWV

2015 Wedding Cake Trends - Frills and Ruffles | CHWV
Images © Eddie Judd Photography


A less formal option than the traditional fondant icing, buttercream is a popular choice for 2015. ‘Naked and buttercream cakes are great fun’ says Krishanthi Armitt ‘They’re so quick and easy to dress’. Indeed they are – a buttercream finish can be easily flavoured and coloured and makes a perfect canvas for decoration or fresh flowers.

2015 Wedding Cake Trends - Frills and Ruffles | CHWV

2015 Wedding Cake Trends - Frills and Ruffles | CHWV
Image © Weddings by Nicola and Glen

Sequin cakes

We’ve seen jewels and beads, now it’s time to cover those cakes with sequins. These shiny gems are, of course, edible and create quite the most impressive finish, whether you opt for an ornate covering of gold, a more vintage style silver or even a bright pink. Decorating every tier certainly gives a ‘wow’ factor, while alternate tiers are equally striking, or even a graduating intensity of sequins, from a heavily adorned top tier down to a plain bottom tier.

2015 Wedding Cake Trends - Sequins | CHWV

2015 Wedding Cake Trends - Sequins | CHWV  2015 Wedding Cake Trends - Sequins | CHWV

Bake Off Inspiration

Each year The Great British Bake Off gets us thinking about cake… and wondering which elements could transfer perfectly to a wedding. Croquembouche and macarons are the more obvious choices – the choux buns and macaroons each creating cone-shaped towers of delight which make wonderful decorations and even better puddings. ‘French dessert-style cakes are an emerging trend’ says Krishanthi Armitt. ‘From crepe cakes to croquembouche, meringues and macarons on sticks, this is just the start of something bigger’. Clever couples will look at adding a twist in 2015, filling choux buns with interesting flavours and creating macarons in fabulous colours. Always bear in mind that fresh patisserie is not something that can be made in advance or travel a distance.

2015 Wedding Cake Trends - Macarons and Meringue | CHWV
Images © Weddings by Nicola and Glen and Eddie Judd Photography

2015 Wedding Cake Trends - Croquembouche | CHWV

Naked Cakes

If what’s on the inside really is the most important element, a naked cake is for you. This is a cake without icing, a brave little number with all its goodies on show. It was a popular style in 2014, and it’s set to stay popular for a number of reasons. Most importantly, it’s just perfect for a ‘rustic’ celebration in the great outdoors – think tipis, lights hanging from trees and fabulous floaty dresses. Of course, it’s not as simple as it sounds and must be perfectly baked and presented. ‘These gorgeous cakes are uncovered and feature generous layers of buttercream, jams, conserves, fruit purees or curds’ says Elizabeth Solaru ‘In keeping with the natural look, they can be decorated with fresh flowers or fruit.’ You might also consider layering with different coloured sponges for a real showstopper.

2015 Wedding Cake Trends - Naked Cake | CHWV  2015 Wedding Cake Trends - Naked Cake | CHWV

2015 Wedding Cake Trends - Naked Cake | CHWV
Image © Celine Chaplin Photography

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