Wedding Planning: 5 things for your groom to do

Flustered with all your wedding day checklists and planning duties? Why not get a helping hand from the man-of-the-moment with our top 5 tasks to delegate to your groom.

Planning a wedding day is every girl’s dream but take on too much responsibility and you’ll be on the road to wedmin burnout. The solution? Delegation! Not only to all your trusted girlfriends who have an eye for style and sophistication, but to your groom too.

Getting your man involved in some aspects of the wedding planning is not only an enormous help to you, and your sanity, but it’s also guaranteed to help him feel more involved in creating the perfect wedding day. You never know, he may actually enjoy it! There are a whole lot of big-day chores you groom could help out, but here are out top five.

Grooms stuff to do - Buy you a pre-wedding gift | CHWV
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1) Organise your honeymoon

Let’s face it, you’ll have probably done most of the big-day organisation so it’s only fair that your husband-to-be takes on an equally challenging task, right? Whether you ask your other half to plan a surprise getaway, or you agree on a destination together and let him lead on the planning, it’s well worth delegating at least some of the responsibilities. If you’re a carefree girl who loves a surprise and can think of nothing better than being whisked off on holiday, the secret honeymoon may be just for you. But, if you’re more particular and already have your dream holiday in mind it might be worth booking all the essentials together and letting your husband-to-be lead on all the boring stuff – transport arrangements, airport parking, insurance and buying all your holiday essentials. You never know, he may still surprise you with an exciting excursion or in-flight gift. Fingers crossed!

Sandy Lane Resort in Barbados #honeymoon

2) Sort the suits

This is the one time we’ve got to have faith in our other halves fashion sense. When it comes to wedding suits we can normally rely on our man using his common sense, and if that fails there’s always the trusty shop assistant who should be able to guide your groom to make the right decision. You may need to give him a little nudge in the right direction – by providing him with colour swatches, sharing your Pinterest boards with him, or even tagging along with him and his best man – but do let him make the final decision. Your man will no doubt feel proud of his accomplishments and the whole process will help to make him that little bit more enthusiastic about your big-day!

Grooms stuff to do - Sort the suits | CHWV

3) Write his speech

You’d think this is one of the most obvious things for your groom to remember, but it many cases he forgets…until the very last minute. Pop post-it notes on the fridge and a reminder or two in the diary. There’s tons of inspiration online when it comes to the writing the perfect speech, but if you want to give him a little helping hand, why not print out the following top tips:

  1. Thank your father-in-law for his wonderful speech and all his support
  2. Thank the rest of the bride’s relatives for welcoming you into their family
  3. Thank your own family for their support – from your childhood, right through to your wedding day
  4. Give thank you gifts to both sets of parents
  5. Thanks the bridesmaids (and comment on their beauty!) as well as your best man and ushers before handing out gifts to them
  6. Finish off thanking anyone else who played a significant part in your wedding – perhaps a friend made your wedding cake or read during your ceremony
  7. Talk openly and honestly about your new wife, how you met, why you love her and anything else special about your relationship
  8. Handover to your best man
  9. All the above should take no longer than 10 minutes. Feel free to add the odd story throughout to make your speech more enjoyable and always use ‘we’ not ‘I’!

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4) Check your venue setup

We know that making sure your wedding venue looks exactly as you had planned is really important to any bride, so it’s worth getting your groom to check over the set up when he arrives at the venue. Make sure he knows your plans for styling and set up so that if anything is out of place – perhaps the favours aren’t on the table – or if outdoor décor needs to be added at the last minute once you’ve sure of a fine weather forecast, he can take on the responsibility.

Grooms stuff to do - Check venue setup | CHWV

Grooms stuff to do - Check venue setup | CHWV
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5) Buy you a pre-wedding gift

Receiving a present on your wedding morning from your husband-to-be is one of our favourite traditions and one you should definitely encourage your man to do – in a subtle, non-demanding way of course! The gift doesn’t have to be extravagant or lavish. Some wedding day perfume, jewellery, champagne or even a little love letter will help to make your wedding day even more magical and memorable.

Grooms stuff to do - Buy you a pre-wedding gift | CHWV
Image © Nicki Feltham Photography

For more inspiration see our Wedding Planning Pinterest board.

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