Winter Wedding Stationery Inspiration

Wedding stationery experts The Card Gallery reveal their top tips on creating your winter wedding stationery.

The Card Gallery has been established for 10 years and has helped 1000’s of brides over the years with their wedding stationery. Here they have put together some tips and ideas for ‘Winter Wedding Stationery, creating the perfect winter wonderland for your special day.

Winter Wedding Stationery

There is something magical about winter weddings, with venue’s already adorned with luxurious decorations and guests in the festive party mood (pre-Christmas) you really have a great foundation for creating the perfect winter wedding … Here are some tips and ideas on stationery you will need for your big day.

Table Plan

A table plan is an important part of your special day. It is used to organise and guide your guests to their correct table at your wedding venue – without one it would be utter chaos! A table plan can be displayed in various ways; they are usually available to buy mounted or un-mounted. A mounted table plan can be simply rested on an easel or an un-mounted table plan can be framed or put up on a wall near to the entrance of your venue.

Organising a table plan can be quite difficult so here are a few points you may want to consider before you start planning yours;

  1. Table size/shape – before you start planning who is sitting where, check with your venue on how many tables you can have, what shape they’ll be and how many seats max per table you are allowed as this will create a good foundation to work on.
  2. Agree final numbers – aim to have your final numbers agreed at least 2 weeks before your wedding allowing you enough time to order or make your table plan.
  3. Top table – traditionally the bride and groom, both sets of parents, best man and chief bridesmaid all sit on the top table – if that set up doesn’t work for you then don’t worry. If parents are divorced or you want to have your children seated by you then have a seating arrangement that works for you.
  4. Other tables – traditionally guests are seated male/female, with couples and families always being kept together. You may also want to think about accessibility for elderly guests, people in wheelchairs and families with babies who may have pushchairs with them.
  5. Design – choose or make a wedding plan that is going to fit with the theme of your wedding, for example, if you’re having a winter wedding then a ‘snowflake’ design would work well.

Winter Wedding Stationery Inspiration - The Card Gallery | CHWV

Table Stationery

Table stationery will help create the magical winter wonderland you are dreaming about for your wedding reception … along with decorative centrepieces, candles, table crystals, luxury table linen, it all adds to the effect. Table stationery is also important as it is where your guests will be seated for a good chunk of the day - so it won’t go unnoticed! Your table stationery should ideally match your table plan and reflect the theme of your day. Table stationery includes items like; table numbers, menus, place cards, favours and even personalised wine bottle labels for adding that extra special touch.

Winter Wedding Stationery Inspiration - The Card Gallery | CHWV

Winter Wedding Stationery Inspiration - The Card Gallery | CHWV

Winter Wedding Stationery Inspiration - The Card Gallery | CHWV

For more ideas and tips on planning your wedding stationery, visit The Card Gallery’s blog.

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