30 of our favourite favour ideas

30 of our favourite favour ideas  | CHWV

When it comes to selecting your favours, where do you start for inspiration?Forget copying your friends, with so many options, we showcase 30 different possibilities, from the cute and creative to the quirky.

From the sweet and stylish to the cute and creative, these are some of our favourite wedding favour ideas.

1. Second-hand or new books

Books are like people: each one is unique, and you like them all for different reasons. The best thing about this wedding favour idea is the enjoyment you’ll get from matching each book with its ideal owner, and each person with their ideal book.

30 of our favourite favour ideas - second-hand or new books | CHWV
Image courtesy buzzfeed.com

2. Personalised tote bags

Why bother buying wedding favour bags when you could make the bag the wedding favour? Personalised tote bags tick all the boxes: they’re pretty, thoughtful, and your guests will use them long after your wedding day.

30 of our favourite favour ideas - personalised tote bags | CHWV
Image courtesy beyondbeyond.co.uk

3. Homemade candles

Candles make great DIY wedding favours, especially if you’re on a tight budget. To make them, all you need are soy wax flakes, glass jars, candle wicks, your favourite dyes and scents and something to use as decoration.

30 of our favourite favour ideas - homemade candles | CHWV
Image courtesy popsugar.com

4. A USB mixtape

Your music says a lot about who you are, which is why this we love this quirky wedding favour idea. You and your other half can choose the songs that tell your story: the songs you liked before you met, the songs you listened to while you were falling in love and the song you’ll be slow-dancing in the kitchen to ‘til your eighty.

30 of our favourite favour ideas - usb mix tape | CHWV
Image courtesy estateweddingsandevents.com

5. Vintage postcards

Not only do vintage postcards make beautiful place settings, you can write messages to your guests on them and give them away as thoughtful wedding favours.

30 of our favourite favour ideas - vintage postcards | CHWV
Image courtesy popsugar.com

6. Seeds

As cheap wedding favours go, seeds are both romantic and great for the environment! It’s a win-win, especially if you’re planning an eco-wedding.

30 of our favourite favour ideas - seeds | CHWV
Image courtesy popsugar.com

7. Coffee

What better way to say thank you than with a blend of your favourite coffee beans? That way your guests will think of you every morning over their first, delicious cup.

30 of our favourite favour ideas - coffee | CHWV
Image courtesy popsugar.com

8. Personalised M&M’s

Forget love hearts: why not make your edible wedding favours truly unique and personalise some M&M’s? With a choice colours and the freedom to use your own words and pictures, you’ll have plenty of ways to make your guests smile.

30 of our favourite favour ideas - personalised M&Ms | CHWV
Image courtesy uniquelondon.blogspot.com

9. Homemade jams, pickles and chutneys

If you love cooking, what better way to thank your guests with some DIY wedding favours from the kitchen? Little jars of homemade sauces can look fantastic; just make sure they taste nice, too!

30 of our favourite favour ideas - homemade jams | CHWV
Image courtesy popsugar.com

10. Recipe cards

We’ve all got a signature dish that we love to cook, and with these little recipe cards as your wedding favours, you can share your favourite food with your family and friends.

30 of our favourite favour ideas - Recipe cards | CHWV
Image courtesy popsugar.com

11. Miniature spirit bottles

These miniature spirit bottles will lend an exciting Alice in Wonderland quality to your wedding, and as the sun goes down and the wedding party gets into full swing, you can be sure they’ll be put to good use.

30 of our favourite favour ideas - Miniature spirit bottles | CHWV
Image courtesy popsugar.com

12. Doodling kits

Not only will these cute doodling kits keep your guests and any little ones entertained, they’ll also make you laugh and smile as you look through them days, weeks, or even years later.

30 of our favourite favour ideas - Doodling kits | CHWV
Image courtesy buzzfeed.com

13. Pass the parcel

Who said party games were for kids? Pass the parcel is a fun way to give out extra-special wedding favours, and even though only one person gets to take the gift home, the whole wedding party gets to join in.

30 of our favourite favour ideas - Pass the parcel | CHWV
Image courtesy ebay.co.uk

14. Olive oil

The best wedding favour ideas are the ones you know will definitely be appreciated, and good olive oil certainly falls into that category. You can even add a sprig of rosemary or a chili to give the oil your own personal twist.

30 of our favourite favour ideas - Olive oil | CHWV
Image courtesy bridesmagazine.co.uk

15. Lottery tickets

Add a little thrill and suspense to your wedding favours and include a lottery ticket, though make sure you’re ready to smile gracefully if one of your guests wins!

30 of our favourite favour ideas - Lottery tickets | CHWV
Image courtesy mywedding.com

16. Hangover kits

Ideas for wedding favours don’t come much more practical than the hangover kit. After all, you don’t want your wedding to be remembered by how much your guests’ heads hurt the next day.

30 of our favourite favour ideas - Hangover kits | CHWV
Image courtesy tulletales.com

17. Sparklers

The perfect cheap wedding favours for a wedding party, sparklers are fun and they help create some amazing photographic opportunities.

30 of our favourite favour ideas - Sparklers | CHWV
Image courtesy weddingfavors.org

18. Kissing clothes pegs

These sweet hand-painted kissing clothes pegs are easy to make at home with just a few pots of paint and some netting. You could even paint them to make them look like your guests!

30 of our favourite favour ideas - Kissing clothes pegs | CHWV
Image courtesy sofeminine.co.uk

19. Sweets

Sweets are ideal cheap wedding favours; you can make them look beautiful by presenting them in a handmade box or a pretty glass jar, or you can let your guests have all the fun and lay out a Willy-Wonka-style sweet buffet.

30 of our favourite favour ideas - Sweets | CHWV
Image courtesy weddingchicks.com

20. Cigars

For those that enjoy them, cigars can be a fantastic wedding favour, to be smoked under a starry sky as the wedding party reaches its end.

30 of our favourite favour ideas - Cigars | CHWV
Image courtesy theverylastdetail.com

21. Homemade crackers

We adore these rustic, homemade crackers, which you can fill with more DIY wedding favours and edible treats. No wedding is complete without laughter, so why not include some funny stories about you and your new spouse?

30 of our favourite favour ideas - Homemade crackers | CHWV
Image courtesy wantthatwedding.co.uk

22. Parasols

Parasols might seem like unusual wedding favours, but if you’re planning a wedding in the middle of summer they can keep your guests elegantly shaded (or elegantly dry, depending on the Great British weather!)

30 of our favourite favour ideas - Parasols | CHWV
Image courtesy favething.com

23. Lego characters

Add a playful element to your place settings with these Lego characters, which you can even make to look like your guests.

30 of our favourite favour ideas - Lego characters | CHWV
Image courtesy geeksugar.com

24. Warm scarves

Frosted trees and snow-covered ground can make winter weddings look utterly enchanting, however there’s every chance your guests will get cold, which is when a basket of soft, warm scarves would make an ideal wedding favour.

30 of our favourite favour ideas - Warm scarves | CHWV
Image courtesy weddingwire.com

25. Hipflasks

There’s no disputing it: hipflasks are cool and have always been cool, and they would make stylish wedding favours, especially at a 1920s themed wedding.

30 of our favourite favour ideas - Hipflasks | CHWV
Image courtesy etsy.com

26. Personalised badges

Personalised badges make wonderful DIY wedding favours and can add a subtle touch of humour to your guests’ outfits.

30 of our favourite favour ideas - personalised badges| CHWV
Image courtesy buzzfeed.com

27. Pebble paperweights

Making DIY wedding favours is a great chance to showcase your creativity, and save a lot of money in the process. These hand-painted pebble paperweights are just one example of how a creative favour can be both beautiful and functional.

30 of our favourite favour ideas - pebble paperweights | CHWV
Image courtesy festivalbrides.co.uk

28. Vintage keys

Keys have always been symbolic of romance, and these vintage key wedding favours are even more romantic than most. What we love about them are their various shapes, sizes and colours, which remind us that each key opens a different door, and tells a different story.

30 of our favourite favour ideas - Vintage keys | CHWV
Image courtesy weddingchicks.com

29. Gloves

Gloves are always useful, and some gorgeous pairs in frosty pink, white and grey could be ideal wedding favours at a winter wedding.

30 of our favourite favour ideas - Gloves | CHWV
Image courtesy bridalguide.com

30. Tea

Just as you and your lover are a perfect blend of two complicated individuals, tea is a perfect blend of complicated flavours. Teabags are brilliant wedding favours because not only will your guests enjoy drinking them, you’ll have fun choosing what goes into them.

30 of our favourite favour ideas - Tea | CHWV
Image courtesy botanicalpaperworks.com

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