6 wedding gifts that if you receive, are a sure sign the guest doesn't like you

A light-hearted look at what not to buy the bride and groom…unless you really don’t like them.

Let’s face it, we all love a gift, and wedding pressies are some of the most exciting of all. Whether you’re setting up home or putting together a wish list for your dream honeymoon, these presents are an exciting celebration of your new status.

These days, most couples compile a gift list, offering their guests a useful guideline should they wish to buy something. Whether you put together this wish list or not, some guests will choose to buy ‘off piste’, deciding to give you something that is more of a surprise. Be prepared – some you will love, some you won’t, and others will leave you questioning whether the guest actually likes you at all…

1. The ugly art work

Giving a piece of art as a gift is always a risk. It’s so personal, the chances of you liking it are slim. As a rule of thumb, anything that looks like it’s come from a charity shop, portrays anything rude or is downright ugly is either a gift from a very good friend who’s trying to make you laugh, or from someone who’s just not that in to you!

6 Wedding gifts that say I don't... - The ugly art work | CHWV

2. The kitchen utensil

We know you’re setting up home, but we also know better than to give you a potato masher or a melon baller. Some items just shouldn’t be given as gifts, and small kitchen utensils ALL fall in to this category. Open and weep. Then get mashing those spuds.

6 Wedding gifts that say I don't... - The kitchen utensils | CHWV
Image courtesy of John Lewis

3. The relationship rudeness

Edible underwear, books offering relationship advice, ‘bedroom toys’ and any literature promoting the benefits of being single make bad wedding gifts. If they’re from your best man, you might have a chuckle. If they’re from an ex-partner, they speak volumes!

6 Wedding gifts that say I don't... - The relationship rudeness | CHWV

4. The overt insult

Certain gifts offer an immediate insult. Cleaning supplies, for example, imply that your domestic goddess status isn’t up to scratch. Exercise products or diet books suggest that you need to shape up. These are all items that people buy for themselves if needed, not for their friends.

6 Wedding gifts that say I don't... - The overt insult | CHWV

5. The lazy gift

Some presents shout ‘we can’t be bothered’ which can also be read as ‘we don’t really care about you’. In this category falls anything second hand (other than precious antiques!), broken or mismatched. This is the unwanted gift that your guest has found in the bottom of a cupboard on the morning of your wedding. If it’s wrapped in Christmas paper, even worse. Exceptions should be made for Great Auntie Maureen, who is always allowed to buy you a knitted loo roll cover.

6. The cheapskate

While it’s not important how much your guests spend on you (it’s the thought that counts after all), there is a certain amount of etiquette and expectation. Opening a plastic photo frame from the pound shop would be understandably upsetting. Sometimes, it’s just better not to buy a gift at all. This certainly applies to guests who have travelled a distance to celebrate your day with you. Guests, if you’ve splashed out on travel and hotel accommodation, why not send a pot of delicious homemade jam, a lovely photograph, a poem or a lottery ticket!

6 Wedding gifts that say I don't... - The cheapskate | CHWV
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