8 Great First Dance Alternatives

Being in the spotlight for your first official dance as a couple isn’t for everyone – but in modern day there’s no need to follow tradition. In today’s blog we’re looking at inspiration and alternatives to the first dance.

Whether you’re having sleepless nights worrying about being the centre of attention, struggling to get to grips with that fancy footwork, or you’re looking to kick-start your evening with something completely different, we’ve got plenty of ideas for you!

1. First karaoke

If a typical night out isn’t complete without a spot of karaoke, this twist on the first dance is just for you! Pick up a microphone, crank up one of the romantic classics and sing along.

If you decide to start your night with karaoke, why not set up a space dedicated to budding popstars? Alternatively you could alternate between DJ sets and bouts of karaoke to keep all of your guests happy.

Check out this Wedding Marryoke video at Rivervale Barn...

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2. Flashmob

Flashmobs have taken the internet by storm and are becoming more and more popular at weddings. Not only do they provide fantastic entertainment they also take the attention away from just the two of you as onlookers marvel at the concept. Great for the extravert or the introvert, a flashmob is a modern twist on the classic first dance.

3. First song

For most couples the first dance is largely about the first song – so why not keep this part of the tradition alive but shun the fancy footwork? If confidence isn’t an issue and you ooze musical talent you could perform with one another – or perhaps one of you could serenade the other. Alternatively, step aside from the limelight and have a band come and play you your favourite song.

8 Great First Dance Alternatives - First Song | CHWV
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4. Group dance

If you think choreographed flashmobs are a little bit cringe, why not just get everyone up dancing together. A group dance could be anything from everyone up on the dance floor, invited by the Best Man or DJ, or something more quirky like a huge conga line weaving around the venue. Grab your best friends, aunts and uncles and get everyone involved!

A ceilidh band is another great way to get everyone up dancing. You don’t even have to think about what you’re doing with your feet, as ceilidh bands often instruct you as you go. Of course, this also has the added advantage that guests will be too busy watching their own feet to watch you!

8 Great First Dance Alternatives - Group Dance | CHWV
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5. A fun “first”

While a traditional first dance might not be your sort of thing, you can still opt for a fun “first” alternative. Choosing something that reflects the both of your personalities is ultimately what should matter. So whether you kick the night off with the two of you competing on Guitar Hero or Just Dance, or you get the bridal and groom’s party up against each other for a game of rounders, the choice is yours…

8 Great First Dance Alternatives - A Fun First | CHWV
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6. Dedication dance

This sneaky alternative brings all your guests onto the dance floor to celebrate your marriage – while the two of you get the opportunity to sit back and relax. Your Best Man would invite all the couples that support and want to celebrate your marriage to stand-up and make their way to the dancefloor for the first dance of the evening. If the two of you feel awkward watching everyone, you can still get up and join all your guests.

8 Great First Dance Alternatives - Dedication Dance | CHWV
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7. First bounce

Weird and wacky, this has to be one of our favourites. Start your evening party with some fun as the two of you enjoy a first bounce on a trampoline or bouncy castle. Sure to be a giggle and guaranteed to leave you with you excellent shots – plus guests will have the opportunity to have their own bounce as the night goes on!

8 Great First Dance Alternatives - First Bounce | CHWV
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8. The story of us

Take a trip down memory lane with this sentimental look back on your relationship. Set up a slideshow of photos from key points in your relationship – from the night you met, right through to your engagement – all showcased with your special song playing in the background.

8 Great First Dance Alternatives - The story of us | CHWV
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If deep down you’d love a first dance but simply don’t have the confidence to get up and do one in front of all your guests, why not dance just the first few bars or verse on your own? Tell your best man about your first dance plans and ask him to jump onto the dancefloor with you at a certain point in the song, inviting guests along too. This way you’ll minimise the time the two of you are in the spotlight but still get those lovely first dance shots. Alternatively you could get dance lessons that will not only help with your footwork, but will also increase your confidence too.

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