A – Z of Styling a Summer Wedding

Do you know your ABC of wedding essentials?In this blog, Country House Wedding Venues ensures your wedding checklist is ready, from A-Z!

A - Aisle

As you glide down the aisle to your handsome groom, make sure it’s as beautiful as you are! Whether in a church or civil venue, be sure to frame the aisle with a few flowers in the form of pew end decorations. Petals scattered on the floor can also be a lovely touch, along with candles to light the way.

A-Z Styling a Summer Wedding - Aisle | CHWV
Image © Studio Rouge

B - Bridesmaids

Beside every smiling bride is always a wonderfully efficient and equally smiley bridesmaid. Choose wisely these lovelies will be with you every step of the way.

A-Z Styling a Summer Wedding - Bridesmaids | CHWV
Image courtesy Praisewedding.com

C - Cake

A fabulous wedding cake should taste as good as it looks. When it comes to design, think of your cake as an extension of your décor, a blank canvas upon which to portray your style colour scheme. The filling should be delicious and complement your menu. Serve a cake when guests will appreciate it – perhaps as an alternative to pudding or alongside a fabulous cheese board in the evening.

A-Z Styling a Summer Wedding - Cake | CHWV
Image © Nicki Feltham Photography

D - Dress

Not just any dress, this is THE dress! It’s time to try on those wonderful gowns. Don’t settle for anything unless you feel fabulous wearing it, you can dance in it and… it’s within budget (or near enough!).

A-Z Styling a Summer Wedding - Dress | CHWV
Image © Sarah Legge Photography

E - Expert Advice

We all need a little expert assistance from time to time, especially when you’re planning a wedding. All suppliers, from florists and cake designers to caterers and photographers, know their industry, so listen to what they have to say. The right supplier will always be able to suggest great options for your wedding that stay within your budget.

F - Flowers

Beautiful blooms can be all you need to transform a pretty room in to a spectacular scene. Flowers can be grand and colourful or delicate and pastel, with arrangements to perfectly suit your day. Save money by being selective about where you decorate and sticking to the seasons.

A-Z Styling a Summer Wedding - Flowers | CHWV
Image © Paul Willetts Photography

G - Groom

Let’s face it, he’s rather important in this equation so it’s a good idea to look after him throughout all the stress of planning a wedding! Seriously though, be sure to involve your fiancé in the planning process, and make sure he’s given a few jobs to do. Booking the honeymoon is certainly a task for the groom.

A-Z Styling a Summer Wedding - Groom | CHWV
Image © Apix Photography

H - Handkerchiefs

You just never know when you might shed a tear, so always have a pretty handkerchief to hand. Every bride needs a few essentials in her handbag, and a hankie is one of them.

A-Z Styling a Summer Wedding - Handkerchief | CHWV
Image courtesy Style Me Pretty

I - Invitations

The invitation needs to make a great first impression, so choose your style wisely. Always send out invitations 8-12 weeks before the big day and be sure to arm your guests with plenty of useful information.

A-Z Styling a Summer Wedding - Invitations | CHWV
Image courtesy Weddingchicks.com

J - Just Married

Once you’ve got that ring on your finger, shout it from the rooftops and celebrate! Plan some exciting things to do during your first year of marriage so you have a lot to look forward to after the thrill of the big day. It can even be fun to delay your honeymoon for a few months.

A-Z Styling a Summer Wedding - Just Married | CHWV
Image courtesy Flickr

K - Kilts

Oh-so-popular at Scottish weddings and for good reason – we love to see a handsome Scotsman in traditional attire. If your groom and his ushers are dressing in kilts, make sure they have the full regalia and wear it well. This is also NOT the time to be testing out the theory of what is worn underneath…

L - Love

It’s the name of the game. If you can’t be slushy and romantic on your wedding day, when can you be? At all times, remember the reason you’re getting married and what the day is all about. No one will care if the flowers arrive late or you forget the favours. Love is in the air!

A-Z Styling a Summer Wedding - Love | CHWV
Image © Photography by Vicki

M - Maid of Honour

Also known as the Chief Bridesmaid, this is your best girl and chief confident. Your Maid of Honour should be with you throughout the planning process and there on the day to lift your veil, carry your bouquet and generally be your right-hand woman. She’s special, so make sure you appreciate her.

A-Z Styling a Summer Wedding - Maid of Homour | CHWV
Image courtesy Popsugar.com

N - Nuptials

The purpose of this special day is, of course, to get married! Put plenty of time and thought in to the ceremony, thinking about every element, from the words you’d like to say to each other, to the music and any readings. This is your moment, so make the most of it.

O - Outfits

Let’s take this opportunity to talk about bridesmaids, ushers and what they’re going to wear. Girls, it’s important to be kind. Accept the fact that, generally speaking, one dress doesn’t suit all and try to find something that all your bridesmaids feel comfortable wearing. No one says that your bridesmaids need to look identical – it may be that they all wear the same colour of dress but in different styles. When it comes to the best man and ushers, it’s all about organisation. Make sure everyone knows what they’re wearing, who’s paying for it and when things need to be collected! It will help you avoid these common bust ups!

P - Photographer

Photographs make memories, and wedding photos are particularly precious. You’ll spend a lot of time with your photographer on your wedding day so, make sure you like their personality as well as their photography style.

A-Z Styling a Summer Wedding - Photographer | CHWV
Image © Apix Photography

Q - Quirky

There’s nothing wrong with being a little quirky on your wedding day. Think of ways to bring your personality in to the day – whether it’s through your choice of music, your outfits or your décor. Weddings should be filled with fun – if you want to wear a bright red dress or hang glitter balls from the ceiling, go for it!

R - Rustic

Rustic style is often considered romantic and perfect for weddings, especially summer celebrations. It’s key to embrace any style ‘full on’ so, if the rustic look is for you, make sure you find that perfect barn wedding venue. From there, you’ll be able to create the look.

A-Z Styling a Summer Wedding - Rustic | CHWV
Image Courtesy Etsy

S - Speeches

While we love a good wedding speech… we cringe at a bad one! When choosing the best man, do consider whether they will do the job well, and whether they will enjoy it. Of course, there’s no need to stick to tradition. As the bride, there’s nothing stopping you from getting up and saying a few words. The key is to be well-prepared and to keep it short!

T - Tradition

Choose the wedding traditions you love and embrace them. There’s no harm in adapting traditions to make them a little more contemporary – perhaps a cute cookie instead of five sugared-almonds.

A-Z Styling a Summer Wedding - Tradition | CHWV
Image courtesy Favoursbyserendipity.com

U - Umbrellas

Unless you’re tying the knot in the Caribbean, it’s a good idea to be prepared when it comes to the British summer weather. Invest in a few large white umbrellas instead of accessorising with a cheap black umbrella from the depths of your handbag. And, if you’re getting married in the sunshine, consider a parasol for a little shade.

A-Z Styling a Summer Wedding - Umberellas | CHWV
Image courtesy weddbook.com

V - Venue

It’s all about the venue – for both your ceremony and reception. The venue determines the location and number of guests you can invite, and also sets the scene for your wedding day. There’s also that not-so-small issue of budget. Contemporary barn or stately home – it’s important to get it right. For a summer wedding, always look at the outside space – this is not the time to choose a venue because you love the open fire.

A-Z Styling a Summer Wedding - Venue | CHWV
Image © My Love Story Photography

W - Wine

Chances are you’ll be serving wine at your wedding reception, with a few bubbles for toasts. Many caterers offer excellent drinks packages, but you can always ask if they will allow you to bring in your own if you would prefer. Be prepared to pay corkage, the caterer’s charge for serving your wine. When it comes to the fizz, while Champagne is lovely, Prosecco or Cava is equally acceptable and delicious!

X - eXtra special attention

Some guests at your wedding require a little extra consideration. If you have elderly guests, it’s important to make sure they have somewhere comfortable to sit at all times and possibly a calm area to ‘escape’ to during the evening celebrations. Children also need to be looked after – but there’s no reason to serve chicken nuggets. Simply amend the grown-up menu to suit and remember, happy, well-entertained children make for happy parents!

Y - Yummy

Good food is of major importance in any celebration. No wedding should have a hungry guest! Your menu doesn’t need to be complicated but there should always be ample food that is well-prepared and beautifully served. It’s also important to give guests something to eat as soon as you start serving alcohol. Canapés, while delicious, also act as a form of ‘blotting paper’, preventing everyone from getting that little bit too merry.

A-Z Styling a Summer Wedding - Yummy | CHWV
Image © Weddings by Nicola and Glen

Z - zzz

And so to bed. While you may decide to party the night away with your guests, it’s a good idea to have an agreed ‘departure’ time with your new spouse. It’s important to celebrate with your friends, but also to spend some time together, and no one wants to spend their first day of married life with a hangover!

A-Z Styling a Summer Wedding - Yummy | CHWV
Image © Studio Rouge


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