Ask The Experts: Studio 1208

We asked our favourite and sassiest wedding photography couple Studio 1208 for their top tips when considering a photographer.

Husband-and-wife duo Nick and Maria are the talented photographers and videographers behind the fabulous Studio 1208. They never fail to produce jaw-dropping imagery and tear-jerking videos that make us swoon whenever they link to on their oh-so-sassy blog, Marriage Is The Bomb. And as it turns out we aren’t the only ones to notice this, as they recently won ‘UK Wedding Photo of the Year’.

So, as you can imagine, we were massively excited when they sat down to give us their top tips to working with a wedding photographer…

Finding someone to capture your wedding day is hard. Really hard! How do you figure out what you like? How do you not end up overpaying for something you don’t like? Why is the cost the way that it is? What are you getting at the end? Is your head spinning yet?

We don’t pretend to know all the answers but we have tried our best to come up with a list that might in some way help you through this wedding process! So here goes....

Research thoroughly

To get going, research blogs online and magazines to find images you like and find out who took them (they are usually credited and if not, ask the blogger!) Most good, high-end wedding photographers will be featured in magazines like Brides or The Knot and also on blogs such as Bridal Musings, Style me Pretty, Rock my Wedding and Green Wedding Shoes. Check out Wedding Wire for reviews of photographers where you will find comments from lots of different sources.

Ask the experts: Studio 1208 - The Knot Magazine | CHWV

Get to know your photographer

Meet your photographer face to face, or if you live far apart arrange a Skype call to get to know each other. If you find someone who’s work you love, but can’t stand as a person you are probably not going to fully let them in and show them the real you. It also means that they as photographers will struggle to give you something beautiful and authentic.

Remember - it's actually a collaboration. We need you, as much as you need us!

Ask the experts: Studio 1208  | CHWV

Found the right person but the price is too high?

So you’ve found someone, but with all the things you have to pay for, you want to try to negotiate on price. Here’s the honest answer. Great photographers don’t tend to offer deals, particularly because there are only so many weddings a year that we can shoot.

But, if you do want to ask, do it politely, and tell them why you love their work and what your budget is! Explain how awesome your wedding is going to be, that you are riding in on a unicorn to your wedding, which is set on the peak of a mountain in the Swiss Alps and that Kanye is marrying you. Get us excited and interested! It might just help your cause. Maybe.

Ask the experts: Studio 1208  | CHWV

Is a shot list required?

Wedding photography has changed a lot over the years and now, with a much more candid style of photography, you don’t need a shot list. In fact, what we really want you to do is trust your photographer to do their job.

We want you to enjoy your day, relax and just be a bride! If anything significant is happening, or you have important details, tell your photographer before the wedding and when they arrive on the day.

Ask the experts: Studio 1208  | CHWV

Hate having your photo taken?

We want you to look and feel incredible, comfortable and happy on your wedding day. Taking photos and being videoed at your wedding should be no different that having photos taken on a night out with your friends.

People psyche themselves out SO often thinking about their photos. We hear “I am not a professional model or actor” so often. But we’re not asking you to be. In fact, we are asking you to do something you should be really proficient at…loving each other.

We want to capture real moments. Real smiles, real kisses, real embraces, real looks. Don’t act just relax!

Ask the experts: Studio 1208  | CHWV

Hopefully this blog post will have given you a different perspective on your wedding and how it is captured. Overall, it's important to talk to your photographer and ask questions. Be real, show your personality and leave the professional "phone voice" at the office!

Most of us are more than happy to explain as much as we can to you, so don't feel silly asking! We really do appreciate that this is probably the first time you are EVER doing this! It's stressful at times, and a little overwhelming; so don't be afraid to use our experience to help you along.

PS - If anyone IS getting married on top of the Swiss Alps by Kanye, and entering the ceremony on a Unicorn, please contact us ASAP. We'll shoot it for free.

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