Bad Bridesmaid: Advice on what to do and what not to do

The bride might be acting a bit like a bridezilla but don’t let your bridesmaid duties falter, take a look at our three golden rules every bridesmaid should follow.

Bridesmaids, it’s time to sit with a cup of tea and soak it up. Follow our three golden rules to being the perfect bridesmaid.

1. Behave like a princess, not a diva.

If you’ve been asked to be a bridesmaid, the bride clearly thinks you’re pretty special. Maybe you’re her sister or best friend – whichever, you’re right up there at the top of her ‘favourite people’ list. On this, her most special day, it is your absolute duty to behave impeccably, looking after her every step of the way with words of encouragement and compliments tripping off your tongue.

Bad Bridesmaid: Advice on what to do and what not to do | CHWV
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When you’re getting ready, having a strop about your dress, hogging the mirror and failing to tell her how beautiful she is are all unforgivable actions, as is being late at any point and holding up proceedings. During the day, ooze charm, chat to guests and help wherever you can. At no point should you be discovered being rude to any family member or flirting with the groom. You’ll be forgiven for drinking a little too much fizzy wine and showing your moves on the dancefloor, but maybe wait until granny and grandad have gone home.

2. Stay positive, every step of the way.

As bridesmaid, you’re a key supporter of the bride. You’re the person she’s going to come to when she’s stressed out with the wedding planning or wondering which pair of shoes to buy. Every question you’re asked should be answered in a positive way, keeping her spirits high at all times and making sure the planning goes smoothly. If you think the shoes she’s chosen are hideous, see whether you can suggest an alternative. If she clearly adores them… smile and pretend you adore them too. There are some moments when honesty just isn’t the best policy. This is her day and if she wants to wear shoes that you think look dreadful… so be it!

Bad Bridesmaid: Advice on what to do and what not to do | CHWV
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This is also probably not the time to burden her with any problems of your own. While she’s always going to be there for the big ticket moments, she doesn’t need to know that you’re not that keen on your bridesmaid dress or you’re a bit worried about how your hair’s going to look on the day. It’s her day, not yours.

3. Have the organisational skills of a Girl Guide

If you’re going to be supportive to the bride on her big day, you need to be well organised. Promising to undertake a task and then forgetting to do it could lead to major wedding stress – you really don’t want to be the bridesmaid who forgot to collect the dresses or deliver the buttonholes to the ushers.

If this doesn’t come naturally to you, never fear. Set up your own reminder system – maybe an app, reminders on your phone or just a pad and pen – and get organised. If you do forget something, own up. Don’t for a minute think that no one will notice that you haven’t collected the wedding cake. They will. ‘Fess up and fix it!

Bad Bridesmaid: Advice on what to do and what not to do | CHWV
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Facing facts, some of us just don’t do ‘organised’. If this is you and you struggle to get yourself out of the door in the mornings, speak to the bride when she’s offering you the bridesmaid crown. Tell her you’d love to be bridesmaid, you’ll be supportive and smiley and love every second… but your organisational skills are non-existent. Hey, if she loves you, maybe she’ll give all the jobs to the other bridesmaids and you can just stand and look pretty!

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