Beautiful Boho: 16 Brides that nailed the Boho theme

Beautiful Boho: 16 Brides Who Nailed the Boho Theme | CHWV

We're exploring the world of the Boho Wedding and how these real brides nailed this theme for their big day.

Done right, boho weddings can be utterly beautiful, and these 16 brides certainly did it right.

1. Happy Chic

Beaded headband, loose hair, shimmering fringe dress with plunging neckline – this bride is nailing the boho wedding theme on all counts. No wonder she’s looking so happy!

Boho Wedding Ideas and Inspiration - Happy Chic | CHWV
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2. It’s All About The Back

Low cut backs are a classic feature of boho style wedding dresses, and when emphasized by wide sleeves and symmetrical lace as on this bride’s dress, they can become the star feature.

Boho Wedding Ideas and Inspiration - All about the Back | CHWV
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3. Wild Colours

This bride shows that there’s no need to dress in white to look incredible at a boho themed wedding. She’s chosen wildflower purple and natural cotton as her colours, and they suit her raven hair perfectly.

Boho Wedding Ideas and Inspiration - Wild Colours | CHWV
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4. Perfect Boho Hair

Boho wedding hair is all about finding that effortless ‘I just woke up in a bed of flowers on the forest floor’ look. This bride has boho hair down to a T, with wispy, interlinking plaits and an exquisite floral headdress.

Boho Wedding Ideas and Inspiration - Perfect Boho Hair | CHWV
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5. Arriving in Style

When The Barn at Bury Court's bride Victoria planned her boho wedding to husband James, she added a touch a boho style to every element, including the transportation: two classic VW camper vans.

Boho Wedding Ideas and Inspiration - Arrive in Style | CHWV
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6. Filled With Flowers

The bride at this boho themed wedding chose to carpet her aisle in flowers. Combine that with vintage lanterns, benches and pretty wooden chairs, and you have the recipe for a dreamlike walk down the aisle.

Boho Wedding Ideas and Inspiration - Filled with Flowers | CHWV
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7. Don’t Forget the Bridesmaids

This bride has not only found a gorgeous boho wedding dress for herself, but for all her bridesmaids as well. Each dress is different and tailored to the woman wearing it, yet when seen together, the result is picture perfect.

Boho Wedding Ideas and Inspiration - All about the Bridesmaids | CHWV
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8. Bring the Woodland to the Wedding

Instead of taking their boho themed wedding to the woods, Wasing Park couple Rose and John brought the woodland to their wedding, with bunches of lavender, wildflowers and rustic table centrepieces.

Boho Wedding Ideas and Inspiration - Woodland Wedding | CHWV

Boho Wedding Ideas and Inspiration - Filled with Flowers | CHWV

9. A Bright Idea

This has to be one of the cleverest boho wedding ideas we’ve seen: dozens of light bulbs casting a romantic glow over the wedding table, meaning everyone – not just the bride – looks beautiful.

Boho Wedding Ideas and Inspiration - A Bright Idea | CHWV
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10. Laid Back Lace

Lace is a common feature of boho wedding dresses, and the detail on this bride’s off-the-shoulder dress takes flattering to a new level. Teamed with a simple straw hat, she couldn’t look more laid back or lovely.

Boho Wedding Ideas and Inspiration - Laid back Lace | CHWV
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11. A Cut Above

When it comes to boho wedding dresses, there are no rules. This bride shines in her unusual crop-top and maxi skirt combination (and her hair looks incredible, too).

Boho Wedding Ideas and Inspiration - Boho Wedding Dresses | CHWV
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12. It’s a Sign

Nothing says boho wedding like a cute homemade sign, so be inspired by this boho bride and start your pastel paint/old bits of wood collection right now.

Boho Wedding Ideas and Inspiration - Boho Wedding Signs | CHWV
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13. No Ordinary Tent

Forget the big white marquee: at a boho wedding you can make a tent out of nothing but pieces of fabric, cushions and rugs, like this bride did.

Boho Wedding Ideas and Inspiration - No Ordinary Tent | CHWV
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14. A Piece of Cake

We adore this boho wedding cake decorated with lavender and sprigs of rosemary. Dressed with snow-like icing sugar, flowers and a pinecone, it seems like something from a forest fairytale.

Boho Wedding Ideas and Inspiration - Boho Cake Inspiration | CHWV
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15. The Natural Look

This bride has opted to have her hair down in a relaxed, wavy style. With natural make up and minimal accessories, she could be more boho if she tried.

Boho Wedding Ideas and Inspiration - The Natural Look | CHWV
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16. Pretty in Pink

As we’ve already seen, boho wedding dresses don’t always come in white, and this bride’s paler-than-pale pink chiffon dress is another great example of how a little bit of colour can be a beautiful thing.

Boho Wedding Ideas and Inspiration - Pretty in Pink | CHWV
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