Boho Bride Takeover: Tradition vs. Bouquet Alternatives

Looking for the perfect bouquet for your boho wedding? We explore the best of traditional, wild bouquets and take a look at some of the alternative options out there – from paper creations to veggie delights!

Your wedding bouquet is a huge part of your bridal look. It gives you the opportunity to add some colour and flair to your style and express your personality – and for boho brides there have never been so many options!

To add an alternative edge to your traditional boho bouquet, why not add some succulents? Adding visual interest and texture, succulents are great central flowers for your bouquet, which can be filled out with pretty hydrangeas and greenery.

Tradition vs Bouquet Alternatives - succulents bouquet | CHWV

Protea is another wonderful flower that could be used to add some wild charm to your bouquet. Chic, natural and totally beautiful, you’ll need little in the way of flowers to complement it.

Tradition vs Bouquet Alternatives - protea bouquet | CHWV

Dried flower bouquets are another great choice for the boho bride. Less extravagant than the fresh flower bouquet, they’re perfect for brides who don’t want anything too overpowering. You could even opt for something as simple as a bunch of dried rye or lavender, ideal for the country, boho bride.

Tradition vs Bouquet Alternatives - Dried flower bouquet | CHWV

Using nature’s harvest as the theme of your bouquet allows you to retain the natural and wild look while still opting for something a little different. We love this artichoke-themed bouquet as well as this urban farm-inspired look.

Tradition vs Bouquet Alternatives - Artichoke themed bouquet | CHWV

Tradition vs Bouquet Alternatives - Urban farm inspired bouquet | CHWV

Another way to add a modern touch to a more traditional bouquet is with ribbon streamers. Opt for designs with a more boho-feel, such as watercolour-splashed strips of material or lace.

The brooch bouquet is a hot favourite amongst many vintage-inspired brides – and while we’re big fans, it’s not always the best choice for a boho bride. To give a brooch bouquet more of a boho feel, opt for matte painted brooches with an old world vibe, rather than glitzy brooches.

Tradition vs Bouquet Alternatives - Brooch bouquet | CHWV

If you’re embracing the whimsical, playful side of boho, why not choose a paper flower bouquet – or even a giant single stem? Wonderfully cute and chic, paper flowers ooze artistic flair and creativity – perfect for the bohemian trend. And if you’re keen to integrate your love of music into your big-day, a paper bouquet is a great option. Instead of opting for floral brights, you can choose manuscript paper instead…

Tradition vs Bouquet Alternatives - paper single flower bouquet | CHWV

… Or if getting lost in a good novel or travelling the world is more your thing, express this in your bouquet too…

Another bright and crafty idea is the felt bouquet. One thing we love about this bouquet is the intricacy of the detail and artistic skill that’s clearly required. It also gives you the opportunity to build a bouquet to reflect your colour scheme. Unlike real flowers, you’re not held back by what’s in season – so you can choose exactly the right colours and shades to complement your day.

Tradition vs Bouquet Alternatives - felt flower bouquet | CHWV

For autumn and winter brides, the wool bouquet is a great option and fits in with the whole hippy chic theme. Opt for crochet flowers, pom poms, or yarn balls – there’s just so much choice!

Tradition vs Bouquet Alternatives - Knitted bouquet | CHWV

Feathers fit right into the boho trend and can be used sparingly throughout your décor. Think dreamcatchers, feather escort cards and menus tied with twine and accessorised with a feather. The key to creating the right sort of feather bouquet is to stay away from the fluffy, synthetic-style feathers that scream 1920s and opt for wild feathers in natural colours. Combine the feathers with neutral blooms or bolds and brights, depending on your theme. You could also combine feathers with wooden flowers or pine cones if you’re looking for an alternative bouquet for your autumn or winter wedding.

Tradition vs Bouquet Alternatives - Bouquets incorporating feathers | CHWV

If the feathers are a little too much, you could always design a pine cone bouquet, made more traditional with the addition of pretty roses. Alternatively opt for a bouquet with wooden flower detail.

Tradition vs Bouquet Alternatives - Wooden flower detail | CHWV

Another hugely popular bouquet style for quirky brides is the button bouquet. While it doesn’t fit traditional boho style, it does add the fun factor to your wedding. To keep the feel of your bouquet more in line with boho, opt for wild flowers and work the buttons into the wrap, along your stems.

Tradition vs Bouquet Alternatives - Buttons in the bouquet wrap | CHWV

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