Bridesmaids the film. Which bridesmaid type are you?


From the care free Annie Walker to the utterly bonkers Megan PriceIn this quiz we take a look at what character are you and what it says about you when it comes to getting married or being a bridesmaid.

The film Bridesmaids might be a pre-wedding horror story for some brides-to-be, but from loyal Annie to the utterly bonkers Megan, each bridesmaid has the caring, supportive qualities that every bride needs for their big day!

So which kind of bridesmaid are you? Take our quiz to find out!

Which bridesmaid type did you get?

1. The best friend

You’re an incredibly loyal friend who will have been chosen to be your best friend’s maid of honour for your long and enduring friendship. Like Annie, things may not always go the way you planned, but you’re smart and ambitious with a great sense of humour! You’re the ideal bridesmaid to support an overwhelmed bride in tense moments and, most importantly, you’re an honest and loyal friend.

Which bridesmaid type are you? - The best friend | CHWV

2. The perfectionist

You thrive on organisation and love to plan parties, like Helen your skills in this area are second to none! You pride yourself on your sense of style, class and taste for the finer things in life. You’ll always go that extra mile for your friends, whether that be whisking them away on holiday or throwing an extravagant party. You’re extremely generous, but also have a competitive side… on occasion you enjoy upstaging your rivals with over-the-top gestures. Needless to say, you’re a great person to have around if your bride isn’t very organised!


3. The funny one

You have a larger than life personality and things are never boring when you’re around. Your presence routinely causes those around you to fall into hysterics and any hen party organised by you would be a wild occasion! Although sometimes you divulge a little bit too much information about your personal life, your blunt, comical nature keeps everyone around you smiling. Above all else you’re a resilient friend, who will stand by anyone during tough times and make them laugh.


4. The optimist

Some people think you’re reserved but really you’re a thoughtful optimist, just like Becca, who wants to please everyone. Your gentle, trusting disposition makes everyone around you happy and, in a crisis, you’re the person a bride wants to have around! Your calm nature will make the biggest problem feel like the smallest… no need to worry about spilling wine on dresses or be late to the wedding when you’re around!

Which bridesmaid type are you? - The optimist | CHWV

5. The cynical one

Like Rita, you’re a realist who won’t sugar-coat the truth! If your bride has picked out a hideous shade of magnolia for her bridesmaid dresses, you won’t think twice about telling her just how bad they are. You also love to be around your friends (sometimes to get away from your energetic kids!) and are the life and soul of any party, always ready with a sarcastic, sassy quip and usually not too far away from the bar…


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