How to Style your Valentine's Day Wedding

Styling your Valentine's Day wedding to ensure it's classy and not tacky is no easy task. Here's some inspiration to help you on your way...

When it comes to having a themed wedding, styling is crucial. Ensuring the results are cool and classy instead of cheesy and tacky is a difficult task. We've put together some inspiration to help you ensure that your Valentine's Day themed wedding is the latter.

The Invites

Simple, yet effective. This style of invite hints at your theme, without being too lovey-dovey and over the top.

Potential-to-be-naff rating: 2/10.

The Favours

Get these cute heart-themed burlap bags from Etsy and fill them with goodies for your guests to take home.

Potential-to-be-naff rating: 4/10

The Decor

Instead of just filling your wedding with red hearts, play with your theme a bit an introduce surprising elements like hanging roses from the ceiling of your venue. Romantic but still oh-so cool.

Potential-to-be-naff rating: 3/10.

The Cake

Naked or otherwise, red velvet is the only way to go for your Valentine's Day wedding cake.

Potential-to-be-naff rating: 0/10. Look at it.

The Girls

You don't have to chose red for your bridesmaid's, but if you do be sure to pick a shade that matches their skin tone and doesn't clash with the red hues you use within your decor.

Potential-to-be-naff rating: 5/10.

The Guys

Same applies to the guys. Put a fun twist on your red colour scheme and pick a shade that matches the rest of their attire.

Potential-to-be-naff rating: 4/10.

The Nails

Block red isn't your only nail option. Paint cute hearts on the tip or all over for a bit of whimsy.

Potential-to-be-naff rating: 6/10. Everything in moderation is key here. Don't go red heart crazy.

The Flowers

Don't just pick the most obvious red flower. Do some research and chose different shades to make your bouquet vibrant and mix in with plenty of greenery to compliment it.

Potential-to-be-naff rating: 3/10.

The Photography

Here lies the most risk of being corny. Just throwing red heart-shaped confetti in the air will probably look a bit cheesy. Couple it with a cool and fun photo and it becomes a winning combination.

Potential-to-be-naff rating: 5/10

The Fun

Enlist the help of your bridal party and best men and set up your very own kissing booth.

Potential-to-be-naff rating: 5/10. Could get awkward.

The Makeup

Think vixen, cat eye-flicks and bold glamour if you're going to rock a red lip. Also, think upkeep and have one of your bridesmaid's be in charge of keeping an eye out for any smudging.

Potential-to-be-naff rating: 3/10.

The Hair

If you're feeling brave why not go all out and don a floral headpiece. It embodies romance, and isn't that what a Valentine's Day themed wedding is all about?

Potential-to-be-naff rating: 0/10. It's a thing of beauty.

The Centerpieces

Ombre flowers, ladies. Ombre flowers. That's all we need to say.

Potential-to-be-naff rating: 0/10.

And Finally, The Dress

Because who says Valentine's Day wedding dresses need to be white?

Potential-to--be-naff rating: Who cares. Your day, your dress.

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