Living The Fairy Tale

Are you Alice in Wonderland or Cinderella? We look at the themes, and choose our favourite!

With the release of Cinderella in cinemas later this year, it’s expected to be the upcoming wedding theme of 2015/6. However, following its own release in 2010, popularity of the Alice and Wonderland / tea party theme has shown little sign of slowing in the wedding world.

While it isn’t essential to have a wedding ‘theme’, it can be an effective way of helping you style your day and a real talking point on the day itself. Cinderella and Alice in Wonderland themes are perfectly on trend for 2015. So, how do you incorporate them in to your big day, and which is right for you?

The Perfect Venue

In an ideal world, the Cinderella wedding needs a castle. Think Highclere Castle in Hampshire, Lympne Castle in Kent, or Wasing Park in Berkshire. Failing that, choose any historical venue - Cinderella doesn’t do contemporary!

Living the fairy tale - Highclere Castle | CHWV
Highclere Castle © Ryan Browne Photography

Living the fairy tale - Lympne Castle | CHWV

Living the fairy tale - Lympne Castle | CHWV
Lympne Castle © Julia and You Photography

Living the fairy tale - Wasing Park | CHWV
Wasing Park © Anneli Marinovich Photography

The Alice in Wonderland wedding leans towards the great outdoors with tales of rabbit holes, riverbanks and tea parties. A marquee set in beautiful grounds gives you the blank canvas upon which to bestow your theme. Look no further than Slaugham Place in West Sussex or Hamswell House in Gloucestershire. Just make sure there’s room for a game of croquet!

Living the fairy tale - Slaugham Place | CHWV
Slaugham Place © Richard Jones Photography

Invitations Please!

All weddings begin with stationery, introducing guests to your special day. Cinderella stationery should be stylish and elegant, with traditional script and an element of formality.

Living The Fairy Tale - The Lane Stationery | CHWV
Image courtesy The Lane

Living The Fairy Tale - Kara Designs Stationery | CHWV
Image courtesy Karas Designs

The Wonderland stationery can afford a little fun. After all, you’re inviting guests to the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party! Possible angles include a vintage tea party, or the red hearts and playing cards of the Queen of Hearts.

Living the Fairy Tale - Wonderland Stationery | CHWV

Living the Fairy Tale - Wonderland Stationery | CHWV
Images courtesy Truly Madly Dottie Blog

Living the Fairy Tale - Wonderland Stationery | CHWV
Image courtesy Confetti Daydreams

Getting There

The Cinderella bride can really go to town when it comes to transport. While you might not choose a pumpkin coach, consider a horse drawn carriage if your journey allows.

Living the Fairy Tale - Horse Drawn Carriage | CHWV
Image courtesy Dray Horse Shires

Alice can be equally romantic, or a little more alternative, perhaps looking for a vintage car with a splash of colour.

Living the Fairy Tale - Cinderella vintage car | CHWV
Image courtesy Wedding Car Somerset

Looking The Part

Decorating your venue is where a theme really comes alive. Cinderella is all about delicate romance, so choose soft lighting in the form of candlelight and shades of silver and white. Refer to your male guests as ‘Prince’ and all the ladies as ‘Princess’ and remember the all-important glass slipper as a possible slant for cookie or favour decoration. As an alternative, choose an Autumnal celebration and make the most of those pumpkins. Miniature pumpkins make perfect place names and hues of oranges and golds offer a striking colour scheme.

Living the fairy tale - Decorating your venue | CHWV
Images © Studio Rouge Photography at Wasing Park

Alice in Wonderland gives you many options. You might lean towards vintage style and an elegant tea party theme, also bringing in nature with an abundance of natural blooms. Teapots make perfect vases and your guests can sip Champagne and eat the daintiest sandwiches and cakes. ‘Eat Me’ and ‘Drink Me’ signs are perfect for favours and sweetie tables. Alternatively, side with The Queen of Hearts and choose mini-playing card cookies, red heart-shaped macarons and playing card place names (Kings for the boys and Queens for the girls, of course).

Living the fairy tale - Decorating your venue | CHWV
Images © Steve Gerrard Photography


Think of your wedding cake as the perfect opportunity to bring together all elements of your big day and remember, it must taste as good as it looks! The Cinderella cake is magical – perhaps a castle in design if you’re really pushing the boat out! Otherwise, stick to pure white icing over as many tiers as you can and incorporate an element of sparkle from the Fairy Godmother. A tier of silver leaf can make a wonderful statement.

Living the Fairy Tale - Cinderella wedding cake | CHWV  Living the Fairy Tale - Cinderella wedding cake | CHWV

Alice’s tea party lends itself to an array of fairy cakes. Go for pretty floral designs in shades of blues and pinks, or bright red hearts with a delicious red velvet cake inside. Novelty cakes also work well here, think clocks, hats, kings, queens and white rabbits!

Living the Fairy Tale - Alice in Wonderland  wedding cake | CHWV  Living the Fairy Tale - Alice in Wonderland wedding cake | CHWV

Cinderella or Alice?

For us… Alice in Wonderland wins hands down. The scope is endless and gives you the opportunity to choose elegant colours, funky favour ideas and quirky décor while obviously remaining within your theme. However, if you want to be a princess for the day, there is no finer choice than Cinderella!


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