The 2015 Trendsetters

Planning a 2015 wedding? Follow our insider predictions for the years top wedding trends

While every couple wants a completely unique, bespoke wedding day, it’s also fun to see what the trends are in the world of weddings. Following a survey to over 10,000 British brides, we discovered some exciting predictions for the forthcoming year.

1. Overseas proposals

It seems we’re a romantic nation, with almost one third of all British marriage proposals in 2015 likely to take place abroad. The key is to plan the perfect proposal location – whether it’s a secluded sandy beach or at the top of a city skyscraper. According to Lonely Planet Traveller, some of the best overseas proposal spots include the Eiffel Tower and the skating rink at the Rockerfeller Plaza which can be privately-hired. Just make sure you don’t tumble on your skates!

2015 wedding trends - Overseas Proposals | CHWV

2015 wedding trends - Overseas Proposals | CHWV

2. We love bridesmaids

Without question, you love your girl friends and your sisters. 31 per cent of brides surveyed plan to have three bridesmaids in 2015, while 24 per cent will have four bridesmaids. 6.5 per cent plan on having six or more female attendants. We hope they’re allowing plenty of time to go dress shopping, and even more time for hair and make up on the day! Pink is the colour scheme of choice, with blue a close second.

2015 wedding trends - bridesmaids | CHWV

2015 wedding trends - bridesmaids | CHWV  2015 wedding trends - bridesmaids | CHWV
                                                                                                   Image © Senior Mac Photography

3. Best man… or best men?

While most grooms choose just one best man, 20 per cent of grooms in 2015 plan to have two best men, while more than one in ten grooms will have three best men! We think it sounds like a great idea, so long as each best man has a set role. Ask the most confident speaker to make that all-important speech and the most organised (and sensible?) to plan the stag do! It’s also crucial that your best men get along well and work together to help your groom on his big day – bickering best men sounds like a worse concept than bickering bridesmaids!

2015 wedding trends - Best Men | CHWV
Image © Purson Photography

2015 wedding trends - Best Men | CHWV
Image © All About The Image

4. Social media rules

Unsurprisingly, couples in 2015 will rely heavily on social media. Among newly-weds in 2015, 79 per cent will have announced their engagement online with the vast majority of those choosing Facebook to break the news. Without question, social media is a useful tool for couples planning a 2015 wedding. Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter can be invaluable when it comes to finding inspiration and contacting suppliers. When it comes to announcements, just don’t forget that not everyone will see your social media news – sometimes there’s nothing more special than a simple invitation through the post!

5. And finally…

We’re also sticking to tradition. 85 per cent of 2015 brides plan to wear ‘something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue’. Perhaps the key here is how quirky you can be at fulfilling each element of this traditional saying…

2015 wedding trends - Something Blue | CHWV  2015 wedding trends - Something Old | CHWV


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