The Real Life 27 Dresses

The Real 27 Dresses | CHWV

When we found out what Jen Gatz’s from Michigan, US, fascinating real life occupation was, we couldn’t help but want to share it with you.

We like to think that we can relate to some films or that a fictional character that we admire could somehow be brought to life. In truth, they are just not real…unless they’re Jen Gatz from Michigan, US.

The 27-year-old challenges the very character portrayed by actress Katherine Heigl in the 2008 film ’27 dresses’, which means you’ve guessed it… she goes to the weddings of couples she’s never met before and pretends to be a bridesmaid while the rest of the guests are none the wiser.

The Real Life 27 Dresses | CHWV

Jen’s job is to assist brides who have no bridesmaids or need an extra one, in which case they hire Jen to attend their big day and play the role of the perfect bridesmaid.

Offering several packages to her clients, which vary from $199 to over $1,000, Jen can act as a virtual or undercover bridesmaid. As an ultimate bridesmaid, she can plan as well as attend the weddings. Even better, if you go for the ‘Bridesmaid by Your Side’ package, she’ll join in on all the wedding fun, pose for photos and toast with all the family.

The Real Life 27 Dresses | CHWV

When Jen was asked what the reasons were behind the brides contacting her to attend, she replied: “The brides all have different reasons for hiring a bridesmaid (or two, or three); they may need to compensate for extra groomsmen, or they've fallen out of touch with friends. But only some of them are up front to their other guests about hiring the help. When other people at the wedding ask how we know each other, I stay very vague!”

One weekend, Jen attended two weddings in two different states in the space of 24 hours, one in Michigan on a Saturday and another the next day, which was 600 miles away in New Jersey. Yes, you’re probably just as speechless as we were, seeing as it takes us ladies 24 hours just to put together an outfit. But the hectic lifestyle of a multiple bridesmaid doesn’t end there. When Jen finally arrived to the first wedding from that weekend, she revealed that as soon as she arrived at the venue she was told by the DJ that she had to put together a five minute speech to toast the newly wedded couple. Not long after the party, when Jen had finished dancing the night away, she made her way to the airport to catch a 3am flight, which was delayed.

The Real Life 27 Dresses | CHWV

She said: “I knew I wouldn’t have time before wedding number two to shower, so I went to the airport bathroom, plugged my curling iron in, sprayed my hair with dry shampoo and hairspray and got to work doing my hair in the airport bathroom before boarding my flight.”

However, after just two hours sleep the helpful bridesmaid said she felt wonderful as this is something she loves doing.

The Real Life 27 Dresses | CHWV

So ladies, if you’re in need of a bridesmaid, don’t worry you can always just hire one!


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