Theme Wars: Vintage vs. Rustic

Are you a Vintage Vixen or a Rustic Romantic?

Theme Wars: Vintage vs Rustic | CHWV

While vintage and rustic are often considered similar wedding themes, they have definite differences. Both are suited to all times of the year, although the rustic theme is more effective in the summer. Both are stylish, and undoubtedly popular. So, which one is for you?

1. The Venue

The vintage bride loves all things pretty. She’s on the hunt for the most elegant boutique hotel, or a wonderfully picturesque spot for a marquee. There can be an air of formality about the vintage celebration and, while a marquee is often the perfect solution, it’s more civilised than ‘country’.

Theme Wars: Vintage vs Rustic - Vintage venue | CHWV

The rustic bride loves a marquee, but she’s perfectly happy for it to be in the middle of a magical woodland scene , surrounded by all that nature has to offer. The ideal venue for a rustic wedding theme is, of course, a country barn complete with original beams, and plenty of outdoor space.

Theme Wars: Vintage vs Rustic - Rustic venue | CHWV

2. The Colour Scheme

Typically, a vintage themed wedding cries out for natural, muted hues of pinks and ivories, particularly effective when it comes to flowers. A touch of metallic can be added to the mix with burnt shades of gold and silver – nothing too flashy.

Theme Wars: Vintage vs Rustic - Vintage colour scheme | CHWV

If you long for the purest, most delicate whites, you’re probably more of a rustic romantic. Nothing looks more perfect at that rustic wedding than glass vases filled with white blooms and a classic white bouquet.

Theme Wars: Vintage vs Rustic - Vintage colour scheme | CHWV

3. The Menu

The vintage wedding theme conjures up images of a delightful afternoon tea, served in elegant mis-matched china. It’s all Champagne, finger sandwiches, teapots and scrumptious cakes. The vintage wedding might also serve a relatively traditional wedding breakfast with top table and three courses.

Theme Wars: Vintage vs Rustic - Vintage menu | CHWV

Rustic is perhaps a little less formal – it dines on interactive cooking, food stations, and evening hog roasts. If you like the idea of toasting marshmallows around a fire pit after the sun goes down, and lazing on hay bales, the rustic wedding is for you.

Theme Wars: Vintage vs Rustic - Rustic menu | CHWV

4. The Dress

There’s nothing more personal than a wedding dress and both themes offer a large amount of flexibility when it comes to attire. Of course, if you’re going for vintage style and can find a true vintage wedding dress, you’re doing perfectly!

Alternatively, the vintage bride looks fabulous in any timeless design. Lace is often featured, or perhaps an element of beading or ruffles. A rustic wedding dress is probably less structured and certainly less classic. You might decide to wear something a little more boho – perhaps even a shorter dress in the height of summer.

Theme Wars: Vintage vs Rustic - Rustic Dress | CHWV

Theme Wars: Vintage vs Rustic - Vintage Dress | CHWV

5. The Ambience

Setting the scene, the vintage wedding looks magical, with a Cinderella style. Fairy lights twinkle, china clinks, soft music plays and guests feast on frosted cupcakes.

Theme Wars: Vintage vs Rustic - Vintage Ambience | CHWV

The rustic wedding is less orderly and more down-to-earth. Candles adorn the room in a multitude of different-sized vessels, glasses clink, groovy music plays and guests feast on bacon sarnies at midnight. It’s less pretty, but it’s oh-so-cool.

Theme Wars: Vintage vs Rustic - Rustic Ambience | CHWV

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