This is a man's world: How trailblazing grooms are changing wedding traditions forever

From the groom taking the bride’s name, to unique wedding features in a groom-centric day. We take a look at some of the ways today’s modern man is putting his stamp on the traditional wedding.

Forget the days when the bride and her mother were solely responsible for planning the wedding. Modern-day grooms are now more involved than ever in influencing the big day celebrations, helping pick everything from the wedding flowers to bridal attire. What’s more, their newly involved role continues right into the big day itself - where you might even find today’s modern groom walking down the aisle!

The wedding planner

Over recent years, men have become a lot more involved in planning the finer details of the wedding – from the chosen venue to the flowers. In fact, Chino , who got married to Laura at The Barn at Bury Court, had a huge influence over many of the decisions. It was his idea to have a barn wedding and he also decided to incorporate his Nigerian heritage into the big day. He even got involved with the wedding DIY, making all the invitations and stationery himself!

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Chino’s not the only groom to have an active role in planning the perfect wedding. Many of today’s grooms are now seeking perfection when it comes to suppliers and creating the right look for their special day. However, while many brides may think an interested groom is something to be celebrated, more conflict may also arise in this pre-marital flurry of decisions and indecision. As they say, there may be too many chefs in the kitchen!

The stylish groom

While the big day used to centre around the bride’s wedding gown, grooms are now upping the style stakes with designer choices of their own.

Looking good is equally as important to the groom as it is to the bride. You’ll now find grooms opting for bespoke designer suits, to rival the cost of the bride’s dress, as well as grooms opting for themed attire – for example, laid back tweed suits for a rustic-inspired day. In fact, the American basketball player, Dwayne Wade, revealed he had three outfit changes during his recent wedding – the same number as his wife!

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It’s not just stylish attire that grooms are getting into either; they’re also passionate about keeping up health and fitness regimes in the weeks running up to the big-day. Self-confessed Groomzilla, Christian Koch, revealed he morphed into a 100 press-ups-a-day, no carbs eating fitness fanatic prior to his wedding!

The newlywed name

More and more men are adopting their wife’s surname, or creating an amalgamation of their names. The reasons for this vary. Some men prefer their wife’s surname, while others don’t want their wives to compromise and have to change their own name. Ben Martin, from Scotland, explained his reasons to the BBC:

"I really liked the sound of my wife's name - Rowan Martin - and didn't want to spoil that with her changing it."

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The ceremony procession

Traditionally the bride walks down the aisle to meet her groom, however modern times mean changes and more and more grooms are opting to walk down the aisle themselves. Another alternative to the traditional ceremony procession is the bride and groom walking down the aisle together, after their ‘first look’ outside their ceremony spot.

While we’re not convinced this trend will go big, it’s a great option for shy brides or attention-seeking grooms!

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The groom-centric day

Many grooms have become rather demanding when it comes to what they want from their big day. From their own wedding cake, themed to their sporting hobby, to special activities just for the boys. One of the most popular new additions is the whisky bar, or man-cave - a place where the boys can chug on their favourite tipple while smoking a cigar or two.

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The groom’s party

While we’re familiar with the bridal party, in recent years the groom’s party has started to grow too. Traditionally a groom would have one best man and two or three ushers but nowadays you can expect up to 12 groomsmen in total – often featuring more than one best man! Of course, they all expect to be dressed equally as well as the girls too!

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The not-so-secret bridal look

Once upon a time the bridal gown and accessories remained under wraps until the big day, but today’s grooms are beginning to get involved in this important decision. Groomzilla Christian Koch revealed he’d vetoed two pairs of his girlfriend’s shoes (including some plastic Vivienne Westwood shoes she’d had her heart set on) because they made her almost look as tall as him. He also said he dropped strong hints about what his wife-to-be’s hair should look like!

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