Top 10 Wedding Day Regrets

Did you drink too much, skimp on the photographer or worse, did your maid of honour try it on with the groom’s father? We detail the top regrets and cringe at what hindsight has taught us.

According to our survey of over 10,000 UK brides, 28% would do something differently if they could plan the day all over again. In this blog, we countdown the most popular wedding day regrets as revealed to us by newlyweds across the UK.

1. Photographer

The most common wedding day regret is the choice of photographer. When choosing a photographer for your big day, it’s vital that you get to know them and they get to know you well in advance of the wedding day. That way you can be sure that they suit your vibe and understand you as a couple so that they can capture the uniqueness of your relationship on the day.

Top 10 wedding day regrets - Photographer | CHWV

2. Have an earlier ceremony

It’s perfectly natural to want your wedding day to last forever and after months of planning, a great way to extend the day is to start the celebrations early.

Top 10 wedding day regrets - Earlier ceremony | CHWV

3. Guests

From too many guests (inviting the extended family and in-laws you’ve never met), to not enough, striking the right balance can be difficult. This is something that needs to be addressed early on in the planning process. Decide with conviction who you must have there to celebrate with you and the ideal number of guests both for your budget, and for the size of your venue.

Top 10 wedding day regrets - Guests | CHWV

Top 10 wedding day regrets - Guests | CHWV

4. Flowers

Surprisingly, flowers were another item on the list of things brides would change if they were to say their ‘I do’s’ all over again. From changing supplier to different flower choices, it may be worth giving this decision a little extra attention.

Top 10 wedding day regrets - Flowers | CHWV

5. Worry less / stay sober!

Many brides admitted they were so anxious on the day that they either didn’t get a moment to take it all in or, instead, overcompensated with a little too much Dutch courage!

Top 10 wedding day regrets - Stay sober | CHWV

6. Videographer

As well as more photographs with a better-suited photographer, another common wedding-day regret was the absence of a videographer. Remember, as well as your treasured memories, the photographs and videos of your big day will be what is left to remind you of the fun you had, so don’t skimp here!

Top 10 wedding day regrets - Videographer | CHWV

7. Bridesmaids’ Dresses

During the planning process it can seem all too important to keep all of your bridesmaids happy, but after the wedding can be a different story. Remember that your chosen bridesmaid dresses will feature prominently in all of your photographs – so choose wisely!

Top 10 wedding day regrets - Bridesmaids' dresses | CHWV

8. Dance more

You’ve prepared for the day for some time, so to not make the most of all your hard work would be a shame. Dancing and interacting with your guests as much as possible will help to ensure that you make the most of your big day.

Top 10 wedding day regrets - Dance more | CHWV

9. Transport

Stressing over transport or spending too much on getting to the venue was a common wedding-day regret. Consider carefully how you want to get to your ceremony and reception and just how important your transport of choice is to you.

Top 10 wedding day regrets - Transport | CHWV

10. More alcohol!

Many of our brides found that a greater flow of alcohol would have been welcomed. Reasons for this varied from helping them and guests to relax on the day, to a longer drinks receptions to account for room changing and over-running with the photographer.

Top 10 wedding day regrets - More alcohol! | CHWV

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