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10 Free Fonts To Help You Create Your Own Incredible Wedding Stationery

10 Free Fonts To Help You Create Your Own Incredible Wedding Stationery

Create personalised wedding stationery and save some money with these ten fabulous free fonts.

Creating your own wedding stationery can be a fun way to give your invites and name cards a personal touch and also help you save a few quid in the process. We've found ten of the best free fonts out there that are brilliant for producing wedding stationery in a whole range of styles to match your theme. Get crafty, find your perfect free font and create your stationery at a fraction of the cost!

10 Free Fonts To Help You Create Your Own Incredible Wedding Stationery

1. Bodoni XT Regular

Here's a little font history lesson for you. Giambattista Bodoni was an Italian Typographer famed for his modern serif fonts. Any fonts that use his name are inspired by his original typeface, and this particular style is great for achieving a simple yet elegant design on your wedding invitations.

Give it a try.

2. Chopin Script

Looking for a formal handwriting font for your big day? Then Chopin Script could be the one for you. With wonderful flourishes and flicks aplenty, it's ideal for creating cheap wedding invitations that ooze class.

Give it a try.

3. Bromello

A brushed font helps create that handmade and rustic look and Bromello is a lovely font for adding a personal touch to your wedding stationery.

Give it a try.

4. Ostrich Sans

Modern and simple with an extremely long neck, Ostrich Sans comes in a range of styles and weights providing a wide range of funky free fonts for you to choose from.

Give it a try.

5. Matilde

Tall capitals and decorative curls help make this friendly and quirky free font a great choice to make your wedding invitations stand out from the crowd. Perfect for a summer or retro wedding.

Give it a try.

6. Champagne & Limousine

The name says it all with this font. It's simple and classy and suggests that your wedding day will be full of sophistication. It's perfect for creating a cheap wedding invitation but without sacrificing any of the style.

Give it a try.

7. Sail

It's time for another history lesson! Sail is classed as a Didot font named after a renowned print and type producer Firmin Didot from France. This particular handwriting font is simpler than Chopin Script but is still full of flourishes to give that traditional, elegant look.

Give it a try.

8. Sofia

A wonderful script font that gives a beautiful and slightly unconventional handwritten style to your wedding stationery. It's ideal for adding a personal touch and something a little bit different to your name cards and invitations.

Give it a try.

9. Little Lord Fontleroy

Quirky yet sophisticated, this font provides a classy style with a twist which is perfect for creating your own wedding stationery with a unique look.

Give it a try.

10. Ecolier

This cursive font gives that handwritten look and with its narrow strokes and tall letters, it offers a clean and more simple style for your wedding invitations than other script typefaces. The curls and flourishes provide just the right amount of grandeur for your special day and make your wedding stationery look amazing.

Give it a try.

With thousands of free fonts out there for personal use, you're certain to find the perfect font to suit your wedding stationery. Why not get creative and save yourself a bit of money at the same time!

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