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6 Ways to truly personalise your wedding day

6 ways to personalise your wedding day | CHWV

Even if you love a classic wedding, there are loads of ways that you can personalise your big day to make it unique to you and your partner.

We often say that your wedding should be a true reflection of your personalities, and more and more couples are moving away from tradition to add all manner of quirky, fun elements to their wedding day.

1. Signature cocktail

If you and your h2b have a favourite cocktail that you both love, why not share it with your guests? The signature cocktail is a trend that’s popular in American weddings, but we’re seeing it appear at more UK weddings – with good reason! Choose a cocktail that you love (or go for ‘his and hers’ cocktails if you have very different tastes), and then depending on your budget, offer it for free alongside beer and wine at the bar, or have one per guest made up for welcome drinks. If the cocktails are pretty strong, we recommend the latter to avoid things getting too messy!

6 Ways to truly personalise your wedding day

Image © Jinjabird Photography

2. Family photos

Framed family photos are a beautiful way to decorate spaces such as your guest book or cake tables, and will be more meaningful than flowers or table crystals. Choose old wedding photos from both of your families, or include pictures of loved ones who are no longer with you. Photos of you and your fiancé as children also make for adorable table numbers.

6 Ways to truly personalise your wedding day

Image © Lilybean Photography

3. Monogrammed veil

For a cute, personal touch to your wedding outfit, why not add a monogram of your new married initials? We love the new trend for monogrammed wedding veils – if you want to keep things simple for the ceremony, you can always wear a traditional veil and then switch it up for the reception!

6 Ways to truly personalise your wedding day

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4. Custom wedding toppers

The wedding cake is a great opportunity to put a little more of your personality into something traditional. Instead of a classic fruitcake, choose a flavour that you and your partner love, and decorate it with your favourite fruits or edible flowers. Top with a customised wedding topper that looks just like you – you can even get ones that include pets to truly represent your family.

6 Ways to truly personalise your wedding day

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5. Home grown wedding flowers

It might require a little time commitment – growing an entire bouquet is not something you can do last minute! – but choosing homegrown flowers for your bouquets or table decorations can really lend a personal touch to your day, not to mention keep costs down. Choose blooms such as sweet peas, dahlias and hydrangea for a colourful bouquet – if you don’t have green fingers, ask a close friend or relative who knows their stuff if they’ll help.

6 Ways to truly personalise your wedding day

Image © Kelly Hearn Photography

6. Light up letters

For wedding décor with a difference, why not hire large light-up letters in your initials? They make enough impact that you won’t need to shell out on loads of other decorations, and they’re fantastic for a photo opportunity!

6 Ways to truly personalise your wedding day

Image © Tom Archer Photography


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