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Ask the Experts: Paper Flowers by Things by Laura

Ask the Experts: Paper Flowers by Things by Laura | CHWV

These incredible paper flowers by Things By Laura look beautiful and are all handcrafted!

At Country House Wedding Venues, we love getting the opportunity to speak to people and businesses who specialise in weddings, particularly when they offer something a bit quirky and unusual too. Things By Laura creates incredible bespoke design and craft for weddings and can do some truly amazing things with paper. For us though, it's the paper flowers that we can't get enough of! We spoke to Laura to find out more about her company and see why paper flowers are all the rage.

Ask the Experts: Paper Flowers by Things by Laura | CHWV

How did Things By Laura get started?

"Things By Laura began in 2012 after a year of crafting for my own wedding in August. I was working as a retail display designer and had been making things since childhood so our wedding was the perfect opportunity to combine my hobbies and commercial experience.

Our wedding got a fair amount of attention and so I decided to ‘give it a go' Four years on, I am self-employed full time and now work from a studio in South East London, creating bespoke decorations for couples all over the country."

Ask the Experts: Paper Flowers by Things by Laura | CHWV

So why do people choose paper flowers?

"I often get asked if paper flowers are a budget option, and they definitely are if you are going to make them yourself! But a lot of time has gone into refining the designs and construction methods so my couples tend to choose my paper flowers because they love them. They are also popular as they won't die after your event, with a bit of careful dusting they will last forever! We still have flowers from our wedding dotted throughout our home."

Ask the Experts: Paper Flowers by Things by Laura | CHWV

How does it work?

"I work with each couple on a one to one basis, everything is bespoke and made to order which gives couples real flexibility to get exactly what they want. People can come to me a with a rough idea or colour scheme and I'll work with them to create the perfect paper decorations for their day. There has been a wide range of paper flower projects over the years, from table flowers to a large paper flower wall. The largest flower I have made so far was 80cm wide for a colourful Asian wedding last summer, and the smallest was a couple of centimetres on a cake topper earlier this year. It's really different every time, which is one of the reasons I enjoy it so much!"

Ask the Experts: Paper Flowers by Things by Laura | CHWV

What do you love most about your job?

"The best part of my job is seeing the smiles on my couples faces when I have installed or delivered their decorations; I feel lucky to be a part of people's big days! They love having something a bit different at their wedding that their guests will talk about, and I love being able to make their special day that bit more personal!"

Ask the Experts: Paper Flowers by Things by Laura | CHWV


A big thank you to Laura for taking the time to tell us all about her wonderful wedding decorations! If you'd like to see more of her stunning paper flowers or any of her fabulous designs, then check out her portfolio or get in touch.

Images © Joanna Ritchie Photography

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