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Bohemian Wedding Invitations

Bohemian Wedding Invitations | CHWV

Your wedding invitations are the best way to show off your bohemian theme, and give your guests an ideal of the feel and atmosphere of the celebration to come.

If you're planning a boho themed wedding day, then you'll need the stationery to match! Your wedding invitations are the best way to show off your bohemian theme, and give your guests an ideal of the feel and atmosphere of the celebration to come. If you're not sure how to convey a boho theme in your stationery, here are some details to look out for:

Woodland motifs

If your day has a rustic, outdoorsy feel to it, then choosing stationery with woodland elements is a sure fire way to get your guests excited. We love anything with wood textures, tree designs and animals like squirrels, rabbits and foxes. Woodland designs work for every season, but they look particularly pretty in autumn and winter.

Bohemian Wedding Invitations - Woodland | CHWV

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Floral crowns

It's not a boho wedding without a floral crown, so why not include them in your wedding stationery too? Circular floral designs are a beautiful framing device in wedding stationery, and can range from delicate wildflower designs to larger florals like peonies and roses. You could even match your bouquet and accessories to the flowers on your stationery!

Bohemian Wedding Invitations - Floral | CHWV

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The chalkboard is a fun wedding trend that isn't dying down any time soon, and we think it looks fantastic as part of a wedding stationery suite. To soften the design and make it look less starkly black, incorporate other elements from this list such as florals or photography.

Bohemian Wedding Invitations - Chalkboards | CHWV

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Whether it's watercolour florals or a pretty painterly background, details that look hand painted are a great way to capture the boho bride's artistic nature in an invitation.

Bohemian Wedding Invitations - Watercolours | CHWV

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Teepees, bunting, fairylights - we love an outdoor wedding celebration! If you're worried the British weather might let you down, then including these elements in your wedding stationery is a great way to get that outdoor feel for your day even if you have to resort to your indoor Plan B.

Bohemian Wedding Invitations - Feather | CHWV

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Bohemian Wedding Invitations - Festival | CHWV

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Laser cut wedding invitations are a beautiful alternative to standard printed invites. Their delicate, intricate designs are sure to appeal to a boho bride's romantic side.

Bohemian Wedding Invitations - Laser cut | CHWV

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Folk designs

As well as the traditional florals, folk-inspired invitations are becoming more and more popular for bohemian weddings. Keep an eye out for boldly-coloured floral designs that look like woven embroidery and you'll be on the right track.

Bohemian Wedding Invitations - Flowers | CHWV

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Natural textures

To add to the rustic feel of your wedding stationery, try to include a mixture of natural textures and materials in your design. Wood, feathers and hessian are all ideal, and you can tie them all with a twine or raffia bow.

Bohemian Wedding Invitations - Natural | CHWV

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Bohemian Wedding Invitations - Forest | CHWV

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