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Leanne and Louis’ Handmade Wedding at Oxleaze Barn

Leanne and Louis’ Handmade Wedding at Oxleaze Barn | CHWV

DIY décor and a sociable American buffet set the scene for this couple’s fantastic wedding party.

Leanne and Louis’ wedding party was one to remember. With a live band, delicious American-inspired eats and a laid-back vibe, it was everything the couple had wished for.

The personal touch

Leanne and Louis dreamed of creating a unique wedding, full of personal touches and DIY décor. With this in mind, they wanted to find a venue that allowed them to do as they pleased. They already had firm ideas of what they wanted in terms of food, drinks and entertainment and didn't want to be restricted by a venue’s supplier list. “Oxleaze Barn was the only dry hire venue I could find and the only venue we visited,” explains Leanne. “We fell in love with it on our first viewing – despite it being a rainy February afternoon.”

Leanne and Louis’ Handmade Wedding at Oxleaze Barn | CHWV

A festival of colour

Good fun and a fantastic party were at the top of Leanne and Louis’ wedding priorities, along with a fantastic live band. Ultimately, this influenced the style and vibe of the day.

Leanne’s Austrian grandmother also influenced the couple’s wedding day style. After hearing about their barn wedding venue, she suggested a Bauernhochzeit (farmers’ wedding) theme. To create the perfect setting, the pair filled the venue with lots of burlap and colourful flowers.

Leanne and Louis’ Handmade Wedding at Oxleaze Barn | CHWV

Handmade haven

Having dreamed of getting married her whole life, Leanne was keen to get stuck into some big day DIY. “I put my heart and soul into every detail for 18 months. Even the invites had a handmade flower on each one,” smiles Leanne. Other DIY details included the couple’s ceremony backdrop, napkins and seat placements – a tea towel with guest names printed on the front.

Leanne and Louis’ Handmade Wedding at Oxleaze Barn | CHWV

Big day style

Oxleaze Barns’ contemporary and rustic style were reflected in the couple’s choice of outfits. Leanne’s wedding gown combined silk, lace, and bow detail on the back for a look that was chic and timeless. Louis opted for a modern blue Hugo Boss suit, teamed with a rustic-inspired grey woollen checked waistcoat. The bridesmaids and groomsmen complemented the couple’s wedding style in sky blue – the colour of the day.

Leanne and Louis’ Handmade Wedding at Oxleaze Barn | CHWV

Eternal flame

The couple’s summer wedding was full of laughter and memorable moments, right from the start. Of course, a few comedy errors happened along the way, including an out-of-control candle that had to be extinguished before it caused mayhem. “Luckily, Katherine, Oxleaze’s on-site co-ordinator, was on hand to ensure everything was under control,” laughs Leanne.

Stateside snacks

The couple’s caterers served up American-style delights including pulled pork, brisket, ribs, chicken, and sweet potato fries. In the evening, more mouth-watering food was served – wood fired pizza prepared by Baz and Fred, made in Oxleaze’s very own garden space. “We were so busy having fun we didn’t get to eat the pizza until the bus ride home!” laughs Leanne.

The wedding party

The sociable banquet set the tone for the newlywed’s wedding party – a memorable one for all their guests. And once the live band took centre stage, it wasn’t long before everyone was up on the dance floor. “It was amazing!” smiles Leanne. “We were so happy with how everything turned out. We just wish we’d cleaned up right away rather than leaving it until the next morning!” she laughs.

Leanne and Louis’ Handmade Wedding at Oxleaze Barn | CHWV

Images courtesy of Ritchie Garrod


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Oxleaze Barn wedding venue in Hampshire - Be inspired | CHWV

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