Spring Wedding Flowers

What’s a spring wedding without the right spring flowers? Take a look at this blossoming list to find out which flowers are in season for your spring wedding.

We love spring weddings, and is it any wonder? With a bit of luck, the sun is starting to shine, the days are feeling longer and warmer and it’s the perfect time of year to say ‘I do’. It’s always a good idea to use flowers that are in season, and couples deciding to tie the knot in spring have an abundance of wonderful blooms to choose from. Take a look at this blossoming list to see a few of our favourite seasonal spring flowers…


Blowsy, beautiful, large flowers, available in pinks, whites and reds. Peonies speak for themselves and need very little accompaniment. In this bouquet, the shades of pink and white co-ordinate perfectly with some delicate foliage:

Spring Wedding Flowers

Source: modwedding.com

For simple white, this bouquet has a contemporary touch when olive leaves are added to the posy:

Spring Wedding Flowers

Source: tiffany.com

… and for the prettiest pink, there is nothing more spectacular than a bouquet of these peonies:

Spring Wedding Flowers

Source: colincowieweddings.com


When many of us think of wedding flowers, we imagine roses. Considered a romantic flower, they are available in a vast range of colours making them the perfect choice for every style of wedding.

For pretty pastels, this bouquet of roses, freesia and hydrangeas is a lovely touch, the blue adding a quirky touch to an otherwise pink and white bouquet:

Spring Wedding Flower Inspiration - Roses

Source: brideandbreakfast.ph

Roses are the perfect choice for a vintage theme. Here, we see simple arrangements in glass jars adorned with linen – inexpensive and lovely for spring:

Spring Wedding Flowers

Source: hitched.co.uk

‘Peaches and cream’ makes a great colour scheme for a spring wedding, especially if you’re looking for pastels and want to move away from pink. We love this delicate rose bouquet:

Spring Wedding Flowers

Source: 20somethingbride.tumblr.com

Of course red roses are the ultimate symbol of romance. An entirely red bouquet can be a little heavy and dark for spring. This arrangement shows just how wonderfully shades of red can combine with pink and white:

Spring Wedding Flowers

Source: polkadotbride.com

Sweet peas

Delicate and beautifully scented, we know spring has arrived when we find sweet peas in the garden. Their delicate nature means they don’t survive for long out of water so it’s wise to choose a hand-tied bouquet that can sit in a vase for as long as possible. This lilac posy of sweet peas couldn’t be more lovely – simple and tied straight from the garden.

Equally, sit sweet peas in simple jars for your table decorations. They will add a beautiful aroma to the room:

Spring Wedding Flowers

Source: a-sprinkle-of-pretty.tumblr.com


In season between spring and early summer, ranunculus is a wonderful wedding flower and available in almost any colour imaginable. We adore this pure white bouquet of ranunculus, peonies and roses:

Spring Wedding Flowers

Source: colincowieweddings.com

Of course we mustn’t forget the groom! Ranunculus make a striking buttonhole, particularly in this stunning shade of purple:

Spring Wedding Flowers

Source: cocktailsdetails.com

And, if you’re looking for brights, ranunculus is your friend! Be amazed by this breath taking bouquet of parrot tulips, ranunculus and peonies:

Spring Wedding Flowers

Source: english-wedding.com


Most of us are familiar with hydrangea flowers – commonly seen in the garden around springtime. The delicate heads of flowers are generally found in shades of pink, white and blue. Blue is a notoriously tricky colour to find in flowers, so if this is your chosen colour scheme, you’ll be delighted to find the hydrangea!

Spring Wedding Flowers

Source: whimsicalwonderlandweddings.com

The heads of flowers look wonderful on their own. We love this flower girl pomander:

Spring Wedding Flower Inspiration - Hydrangeas

Source: flickr.com

Simple but so effective, this mantelpiece is adorned with hydrangeas and foliage. A similar design would work well on a long top table or bar:

Spring Wedding Flowers

Source: quintessentiallyweddings.com


Available in many different colours, tulips make a pretty wedding bouquet and often accompany other flowers in table arrangements. This elegant ‘ombre’ design would work well at a more contemporary wedding:

Spring Wedding Flower Inspiration - Tulips

Source: beautiful-bridal.blogspot.com

For a more delicate style of bouquet, accompany soft pink tulips with a crown of gypsophila:

Spring Wedding Flower Inspiration - Tulips

Source: topweddingsites.com

For your bridesmaids, go for colour and give them each a different shade! We love these posies tied with vibrant ribbons:

Spring Wedding Flowers

Source: weddingpartyapp.com


We couldn’t talk about spring without mentioning daffodils – the ultimate spring flower. If your florist mentions ‘narcissus’, it’s the same thing! Shades vary enormously so you can choose the bright and beautiful yellows, or something a little softer like this posy.

Spring Wedding Flowers

Source: exclusivelyweddings.com

Consider accompanying your yellow blooms with some vibrant tulips:

Spring Wedding Flowers

Source: orangery-flowers.blogspot.com

And finally, this might just be the perfect understated spring table decoration:

Spring Wedding Flowers

Source: diyncraftsmag.com

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