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Wedding Invitation Wording – Evening Invitations

Wedding Invitation Wording – Evening Invitations | CHWV

Looking to perfect your wedding invitation wording? We’ve got some top tips to get you started!

Writing your invites is a big part of your pre-wedding planning and we're here to make sure you get your wording right! We've already looked at what you need to think about when Writing Your Day Invitations so now it's time to focus on perfecting those all-important evening wedding invitations. While you might not need to pass on as much information as you would to your day guests, there are still some important things that your evening invites need to say. So let's take a look at getting that wedding invitation wording sorted, shall we?

Let's start with the basics and what your evening invitation MUST include.

Wedding Invitation Wording – Evening Invitations | CHWV

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As you can see, it's pretty straightforward. Make sure your guests know where to go, the time and date of your celebration and the RSVP details so they can let you know whether they can attend or not. Perhaps the most important part of the evening invitation wording is to make it really clear that this is an evening invite, and an evening invite only! You don't want guests turning up at your wedding breakfast and expecting food if you haven't catered for them!

So what else can you include with this key info on your evening invites?

Well that's up to you and the type of evening reception that you're holding. If you're planning a themed wedding or a certain dress code, then make it clear to your guests what they can and can't wear. If you want to make it easy for your guests to let you know whether they're attending or not, why not include an RSVP card and addressed envelope? If you're looking for music suggestions, give your evening guests request cards so you can ensure your dancefloor stay full all night! These nice little touches not only help to make sure your wedding night goes to plan but also show your guests that you're thinking of them too.

Wedding Invitation Wording – Evening Invitations | CHWV

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With so many different styles of weddings and levels of formality, it's important to think about your invitation wording so that it suits the celebration. So whether you are hosting a sophisticated and formal affair, or a laid-back and relaxed wedding, we thought we'd give you a few pointers on how to write your invites to match.


Mr John Smith and Miss Joanna Bloggs request the honour of your presence at an evening celebration of their marriage on the seventeenth of June, two thousand and seventeen.

Top Tips: Use titles, full names and replace numbers with letters for that fabulously formal feel!

Wedding Invitation Wording – Evening Invitations | CHWV

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John Smith and Jo Bloggs request the pleasure of your company at an evening reception to celebrate their marriage on 17th June 2017.

Top Tips: Keep it as relaxed as you like to suit your day. Shortened names, informal language, anything goes!

Wedding Invitation Wording – Evening Invitations | CHWV

Image Courtesy of Etsy

Parents Hosting:

Together with their parents, John Smith and Jo Bloggs invite you to their marriage at an evening reception on 17th June 2017.

Top Tips: If your parents are paying or helping you to pay for the wedding, it's customary to acknowledge this in the opening line of your invitation. You can use a phrase as we have above, or use their names if you prefer, it's your choice.

And that is pretty much that! There are lots of different ways to go about your wedding invitation wording but as long as that important information is provided, your evening invite is going to be fine!

If you have more unanswered wedding invitation questions, then take a look at Wedding Invitations 101 for all our best hints and tips.