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Why small and intimate weddings are in for 2016

Why small and intimate weddings are in for 2016

If you're dreading the idea of a huge, elaborate wedding surrounded by hundreds of guests, then you're in luck - this year truly marks the return of the small, intimate wedding.

Whether it's to save on money and stress or to jet off to a destination with your nearest and dearest, there are plenty of reasons why you may choose to keep your wedding to 75 guests and under. Here are just some of our favourites...

You'll save money

Everyone knows that weddings - even small ones - can get expensive fast. If you'd feel happier putting that money towards your future instead of a massive celebration, then get to cutting that guest list ASAP. It may also be that you're working with a limited budget, and don't want to cut corners on your dream day. In that case, focus your finances on a smaller number of guests and get the details just right. 

You can celebrate with your closest friends and family

Every bride has had the debate over cutting distant relatives or acquaintances they haven't spoken to in years from the guest list. Keeping your wedding small forces you both to really think about who you want to see you tie the knot, and makes it a much more personal and relaxed occasion for everyone. It also guarantees that you'll get to spend quality time with all your guests, which isn't always an option at larger weddings.

Why small and intimate weddings are in for 2016 - Closest family and friends | CHWV



You have more venue options

When you're not worrying about fitting hundreds of guests into one location, you open yourself up to loads more interesting and unique wedding venue options. A smaller wedding celebration could take place in a garden, museum or even a pub or restaurant, as well as more traditional venues like barns and country manors. Do a little research and you're sure to find plenty of options.

Why small and intimate weddings are in for 2016 - More venue choices | CHWV

Source: Delbury Hall by Cloud9 Photography

You can have an unconventional celebration

Smaller weddings often tend to be less traditional by their nature, so if that's your sort of thing then an intimate wedding could be perfect for you. When you're focusing less on bulk favours and more on creating a one-off experience for a few special guests, your wedding automatically becomes more memorable, too.

You'll be less stressed

It goes without saying that the fewer guests you have to wrangle, the more likely it is that the whole wedding planning process will go a lot smoother. Having a close group of guests also means that you'll have a built-in support network - and you won't have to make 200 pots of homemade jam for favours!

Why small and intimate weddings are in for 2016 - Less stressed | CHWV

Source: Rock N Roll Bride

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