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10 Things On The Groom’s To Do List

10 Things On The Groom’s To Do List | CHWV

Important wedding checklist tasks for your groom to do – at your peril!

These days, it’s not just the bride that gets involved in wedding planning. Today’s grooms are becoming involved in many more elements of the day – from helping with wedding DIY to choosing the wedding cake. However, even if your husband-to-be isn’t so enthusiastic about planning the finer elements of the day, there are still plenty of things for him to do…

You can download this as a PDF too so you can have it to look at any time you want. That way the groom will have no excuse for not getting any of these done! Simply click on the image above to get your copy now.

1. Help set the budget

No one wants to talk about finance and budgeting – especially when it comes to weddings – but you’ll certainly need a little help setting the budget. It’s important that the two of you come together to discuss saving and budgeting and allocate a certain proportion of funds to your wedding. It may be worth asking him to manage the Excel spreadsheet too – after all, he’ll probably prefer that task to wedding styling.

10 Things On The Groom’s To Do List - Budget | CHWV

Image courtesy of Deer Pearl Flowers

2. Pick his best man

Although us girls would love to have a little input here, it is his best man – not yours. Allowing your husband-to-be responsibility to pick and look after his own grooms’ party is a great way to show your trust and respect for his choices.

10 Things On The Groom’s To Do List - Pick best man | CHWV

Image courtesy of Leanne Murray Photography

3. Choose his attire

He may need a nudge in the right direction but ultimately your groom should choose his own attire. Some brides like to join their groom on a shopping spree, advising on colours to match the theme and style of the day. This is fine, but don’t dictate his whole look to him.

10 Things On The Groom’s To Do List - Choose his attire | CHWV

Image courtesy of Passion for Flowers

4. Support you during your meltdowns

One of the golden rules for a groom-to-be is to support his bride whole-heartedly, no matter how many bridezilla moments she might have. Whether there are dress dilemmas, bridal party feuds or budgetary woes, a groom should always offer a shoulder to cry on.

10 Things On The Groom’s To Do List - Support you | CHWV

Image courtesy of You & Your Wedding

5. Write his speech

Many grooms may leave this until the last minute but his wedding speech is one of the most important wedding checklist items. Advise your groom to allow a few weeks for his wedding speech and cross your fingers he’s not scribbling down last minute notes on the day!

10 Things On The Groom’s To Do List - Write his speech | CHWV

Image courtesy of Wedding Ideas Magazine

6. Look after the rings

During the wedding planning process, your home – or your parent’s home – is likely to turn into a wedding emporium. There’s the dress, the wedding décor and so much more – you’ve certainly got enough stuff to look after. You husband-to-be, on the other hand, has one major responsibility; looking after the wedding rings.

10 Things On The Groom’s To Do List - Look after rings | CHWV

Image courtesy of BHLDN

7. Book the honeymoon

If your groom is looking for a few more tasks of his own, why not let him book the honeymoon? Planning a holiday and a wedding can be stressful, so it’s ideal if he can minimise the strain. You can either discuss your ideas and give him the responsibility of booking or give him free reign to book a surprise getaway.

10 Things On The Groom’s To Do List - Book honeymoon | CHWV

Image courtesy of We Go Islands

8. Buy you a present

If your groom doesn’t already know, it may be worth reminding him that it’s a tradition to buy you a gift for the morning of the wedding. Get him to add this task to his wedding checklist and don’t forget that it’s totally acceptable to drop a few hints!

10 Things On The Groom’s To Do List - Buy you a present | CHWV

Image courtesy of JAG Studios

9. Make plans for a ‘man cave’

Let’s face it; weddings and wedding talk can be a little girly – so why not allow your man some freedom to design a ‘man cave’? This male-dominated reception area will be the perfect place for male guests to retreat to during the afternoon or evening’s celebration. Whether he wants whisky, wine or cigars – it’s his design.

10 Things On The Groom’s To Do List - Man cave | CHWV

Image courtesy of Paige Jones Photography

10. Be the perfect host

While it’s both of your responsibilities to welcome guests, it’s your groom and his party that will host your day. We're expecting compliments for the bridal party and mother of the bride, welcoming guests to your ceremony and ensuring that everyone (including you) has an amazing time.

10 Things On The Groom’s To Do List - Be the perfect host | CHWV

Image courtesy of Gert Huygaerts Photography


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