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Creating A DIY Wedding Cake With… Lego!

Creating A DIY Wedding Cake With… Lego! | CHWV

We love DIY wedding cakes, especially when they look so cool and cost so little!

Recently at CHWV we've been busy working on a video showing you how you can create amazing and easy DIY Wedding Cakes For Under £100. (We know, is it really work if it involves cake?) Anyway, you have to check it out here, we think you'll love it!

There are lots of ideas in there so you can create the perfect wedding cake yourself, and save a small fortune in the process. Don't worry though, you won't have to be slaving away the kitchen the day before you tie the knot, there are plenty of supermarkets that offer plain wedding cakes so all you have to worry about is decorating it! We picked up three tiers of mouth-watering Marks and Spencer sponge cake which only came to £54, meaning we had £46 left over to create whatever style we wanted.

Our first volunteer was Sabrina, who used beautiful flowers and quirky teacups to create her cakes. If you haven't already seen how she did it, make sure you take a look here.

Creating A DIY Wedding Cake With… Lego! | CHWV

Next, it was the turn of one of our Copywriters, Rory, and he went for something fun for his DIY wedding cake. He chose to decorate his cake with Lego, using plenty of Minifigures and props to set the scene for a wedding full of the most interesting guests (or the wildest stag and hen party!). To finish it off, he even used a mini bride and groom, complete with rings, flowers and gifts as the perfect Lego cake topper. The Lego he used was kindly lent to him by his friend and amazing Instagrammer, James. R, and you really should check out his Instagram to see some super-cool Lego shots.

Creating A DIY Wedding Cake With… Lego! | CHWV

The good news for you if you don't have a friend with a huge collection of Lego to hand, is that you can pick up Lego from all over the high street. The Minifigures can range in price starting at £2.99 so you can get your hands on a good range without spending too much. We've seen the bride and groom figures on Ebay for as little as £6 as well so even the stars of the show are easy to get your hands on! A great idea too would be to check with any friends or family members to see if they (or their kids) have anything that you could borrow for the day. That way it will cost you practically nothing!

Creating A DIY Wedding Cake With… Lego! | CHWV

So with three tiers of sponge cake, a glass cake stand and an amazing selection of Lego, replicating this cake would only cost you around £90. Not bad for a unique and fun-filled DIY wedding cake eh?

Creating A DIY Wedding Cake With… Lego! | CHWV

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Small, medium and large tier of sponge cake £54 (Marks and Spencer)
Glass cake stand £7.99 (Homesense)
Collection of Lego £25 approx. (Many high street stores and supermarkets)
Bride and groom figures £6 approx. (Ebay)