Fun Bridal Shoes That You Have To See

Fun Bridal Shoes That You Have To See | CHWV

Fabulous footwear always makes any outfit even more brilliant. The same is definitely true when it comes to your wedding shoes. Gone are the days when white or ivory court shoes were the only options!

Now you can embrace your individuality and wear something totally different! Here are our favourite ideas for fabulous and fun wedding shoes…

Fun Wedding Shoes for Brides

If you’ve chosen your wedding style and your wedding dress with care, you need to select the perfect shoes. There are more available than you might think:

Hand-painted bridal shoes are true works of art. You can commission any design that you like and the floral designs from Elizabeth Rose really are something special. How about replicating your bouquet on your bridal shoes?

Image courtesy of Elizabeth Rose


Brightly coloured wedding shoes are definitely lots of fun and look brilliant with short dresses. We also love seeing colourful shoes peeping out from under long gowns. Rainbow Club are well known for their perfectly dyed shoes and they can colour match any tone.

Image courtesy of Rainbow Club


Embellished bridal shoes can be a brilliantly quirky option. Designers Merle & Morris include jewels, bows and lots of other details on their shoes.

Image courtesy of Merle and Morris


Every bride needs a touch of glitter so why not opt for wedding shoes that sparkle? We adore the glittery bows and heels from designer Charlotte Mills (and her cute designs with cut-out hearts also make us smile).

Image courtesy of Charlotte Mills


Patterned pumps are definitely on our list of fun wedding shoes. The iconic range of ballet flats from French Sole is full of eye-catching patterns and fab fabrics.

Image courtesy of French Sole


Boho or beach brides just have to slip into sandals and the summer ranges on the high street are the best place to look. Will you go gladiator or rock a black heel? The choice is yours!

Is anything more fun than the totally unexpected? Irregular Choice is the home of one-of-a-kind shoes that are anything but boring.

Image courtesy of Irregular Choice

Fun Wedding Shoes for Grooms

It’s not just the bride that can have some fun with her wedding shoes, grooms can too. So guys, now’s the time to say goodbye to black lace ups and put your best foot forward:

Converse are the best choice for relaxed grooms. You can opt for a cool coloured pair or stick with a darker tone if you prefer.

Image courtesy of Nappy Head


If you’re feeling brave, patterned or embellished shoes are a really bold option. We’ve also seen grooms in flip-flops!

Brogues might have gone a little bit mainstream of late but you can still find plenty of fun pairs. How about mixing and matching fabrics and colours on the shoe or even adding metallic toecaps or coloured stitches and laces?

Image courtesy of Irregular Choice

Your Wedding Shoes - A Little Reminder

We certainly want you to have fun with your wedding shoes but we also want you to be comfortable. Your wedding day will be a long day and you’ll spend much of it standing up, walking around to chat to guests and dancing into the night. It’s so important that your shoes fit you well and are broken in before the big day. Lots of bridal shoes are specially designed to include padding and support so if you’re buying from the high street, make sure your feet are feeling good before you buy. Your fun wedding shoes should make you smile all day long!


To make sure you get the very best shoes for you, we’ve put together a handy little guide with all the questions you need to ask when choosing your wedding shoes.


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