How To Look Good In Your Wedding Photos

How To Look Good In Your Wedding Photos | CHWV

We just LOVE great wedding photography and we know you do too. Having amazing wedding photos as a record of your day is so important as your images will be with you both for the rest of your lives.

But, how do you make sure that you look your best in your photos? What can you do to guarantee great images? We spoke to wedding photographer Amanda Karen and she’s shared her ten top tips so read on and look wonderful…

1. Have an engagement shoot

“Having an engagement shoot will give you both a chance to see how easy it is in front of the camera and how your photographer works before the big day. It will also provide you with gorgeous images of the two of you for your save the dates or table plan.”

2. Relax and be yourself

“Don't try and be anyone else, just enjoy being in each other's company as you normally are together and let your photographer capture everything as it unfolds.”

3. Allow time for photos

“Factor time in to your wedding day for your couple portraits (we spend about 30 minutes with our couples). Don't try and cram this into ten minutes as you will feel rushed and definitely not relaxed, which will show in your wedding photography.”

4. Trust your photographer

“You've picked your photographer to capture your day because you love their style. Trust that they will guide you to show the best version of you in your own photos, just like the ones you loved on their website.”

5. "Posing"

“Whilst a lot of photographers claim not to pose their couples in the traditional sense of being stuffy, there are some golden rules. Girls, don't stand directly straight on to the camera and remember to place your weight more on your back leg and slightly bend the front leg to create the sassy "S" bend in your figure.”

6. Smile, laugh, be happy

“It's your wedding day and a huge celebration so be happy and enjoy yourself and trust me, it will shine through in your photos!”

7. It's all about the light

“Natural light is super flattering, but avoid bright sunshine to reduce those harsh shadows - you may need to seek out some shade under a beautiful tree.”

8. Be cautious with the fake tan

“Fake tan leaves an orange glow or tinge to skin tones in photos, which is particularly noticeable in a white dress. You also run the risk of it rubbing off onto your dress if you get a bit warm, especially under the arms.”

9. Embrace the sunset

“That golden light before the sun sets is so romantic (and it’s my favourite light too) so it is perfect for stunning wedding images and so worth making note of this time in your timeline.”

10. Don't forget the guys

“A well fitted suit will make a huge difference to how the guys look and feel in the photos so make sure plenty of attention is given to their suit search.”

A huge thank you to Amanda Karen for those wise words and we can’t wait to see your brilliant wedding photos!

If you’d like some more expert wedding photography tips, take a look at this feature.

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