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How To Pick The Perfect Wedding Photography Style

How To Pick The Perfect Wedding Photography Style | CHWV

We make it easy to work out which wedding photography style will be right for you!

We all know just how important it is to get a good photographer for your wedding day to capture all the magic, but did you know that there are plenty of different styles of photography out there? Finding the perfect style to suit your personalities and type of wedding can make the difference between mediocre and magnificent photos, so we're on hand to help you find the perfect type of wedding photography that works for you.

How To Pick The Perfect Wedding Photography Style | CHWV


As the name suggests, this is your classic style of photography which will cover all the key moments of your day and put an emphasis on the arranged group and couple shots. Traditional wedding photography is perfect for a formal album, and your photographer will orchestrate the day and work through a pre-arranged shot list so that you know exactly what you're getting.

How To Pick The Perfect Wedding Photography Style - Traditional | CHWV

Image courtesy of Moko Photography


Reportage photography is a technique that tells a story entirely through pictures. This style of photography is ideal for a range of weddings as it captures the emotions of the day which helps to put you back in the moment when you look back on it. Photographers will take the time to get to know in the build up to your wedding and then be able to capture your personality through their images. The results can be very powerful, capturing a natural and emotional moment perfectly and not intruding on your day too much.

How To Pick The Perfect Wedding Photography Style - Reportage | CHWV

Image courtesy of Jacob & Pauline Photography

Fine art style

If you're looking for unique and eye-catching wedding photography, then fine art- inspired images might be ideal. Here the photographer will use a carefully considered balance of colour, light and emotion to create stunning images that will look more like works of art than a bog-standard wedding album. It's a great choice for memorable photos of the two of you and will certainly make your images stand out from the crowd.

How To Pick The Perfect Wedding Photography Style - Fine art style | CHWV

Image courtesy of Luis Holden Photography


Contemporary or editorial wedding photography is inspired by the fashion industry and consists of impactful and interesting images. Shots will be staged by the photographer, but without the formality that is found in traditional wedding photography, and will feature picturesque backdrops, lighting effects and alternative angles to create breathtaking photos. While this type of photography may not capture the emotion of the day, it will guarantee you a set of incredible photos.

How To Pick The Perfect Wedding Photography Style - Contemporary | CHWV

Image courtesy of Catherine Regan Photography


This style takes reportage photography to the next level and requires the photographer to be highly skilled, always in the right place and very easy to get on with. Capturing all the emotion and authenticity of the day is the most important thing and means that the photographer will always be around but never intrusive. They will most likely take the time to get to know you in advance but to build a rapport rather than to guide you or give advice in any way. This style of wedding photography is best for documenting the day exactly as it happens.

How To Pick The Perfect Wedding Photography Style - Fly-on-the-wall | CHWV

Image courtesy of Amy B Photography


Playful wedding photography is a great way to capture a bit of your personality and fun on your wedding day. It's perfect for weddings as it will be full of joy and happiness, which will be great to look back on. For this to work properly, however, you'll need to get on with your photographer well and also be fairly comfortable in front of the camera. If not, the images might look a bit forced and unnatural. When it does work, the results can be incredible!

How To Pick The Perfect Wedding Photography Style - Playful | CHWV

Image courtesy of DK Wedding Photography


You can see that there are plenty of wedding photography styles available to choose from, so take some time to work out what suits you best and then you are much more likely to be happy with the finished product!


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