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Men’s Grooming Tips For the Modern Groom

Men’s Grooming Tips For the Modern Groom | CHWV

Now this feature is all about the groom, quite literally! Today, we’re talking about all those good-looking guys that we’ve been seeing at so many weddings recently.

It’s fair to say that the men have really stepped up their grooming game of late so here’s our guide to looking great on your wedding day. Men’s grooming is about to become the wedding trend that everyone needs to know about.

Male grooming for the big day

More and more of the guys in our lives are getting to grips with skincare. From cleansers and moisturisers to facials and trips to the eyebrow bar, men are definitely taking more care of themselves. So really, it’s no surprise that grooms and groomsmen want to look their best on the big day.

The rise of the hipster beard has also played its part in this new wedding trend. Men’s shaving experts Gillette list a whole host of beard styles on their website from the Royale to the Balbo (yes, really!) and they’ll even talk you through the styles to suit different face shapes. Men’s grooming just got serious!

Men’s Grooming Tips For the Modern Groom | CHWV

Image courtesy of Gillette

Male grooming on the big day

And now, it’s not just brides and bridesmaids who are looking forward to a little bit of wedding day pampering, the guys are too! Exclusive male grooming companies such as The Valet and Jacks of London both offer wedding morning packages for men. Massages, hair cuts and deluxe hot towel shaves accompanied by glasses of champagne are all on offer and the services are billed as a great bonding opportunity for the groom and his best man.

Men’s Grooming Tips For the Modern Groom | CHWV

Image courtesy of The Valet London

Top tips for guys to get wedding ready

So, now that men’s grooming is taking centre stage, guys need to make sure they get wedding ready too. Here are our top tips to make sure that all the grooms out there are totally prepared and looking their best on the big day:

1. Start looking after your skin well before the big day. Men’s style bible Esquire suggests getting to grips with face scrubs for the best results.
2. Book in for regular hair-cuts and try to see the same stylist each time. They’ll be able to advise what products to use and when to get that final pre-wedding trim.
3. Change your drinking habits. Men and women should be drinking plenty of water for super clear skin and if you can cut out even a bit of alcohol, so much the better!
4. If you’re going to use any new products on your skin, don’t do it just before the wedding in case of allergic reactions. Also, if you’re not sure what to use, do your research! There’s plenty of info online or be bold and front up to those department store cosmetics counters.
5. Remember that no one knows automatically what works for them, you’ve got to be prepared for a bit of trial and error. Does you hair look best one week after it’s been cut? Does you skin feel great when you use a certain cleanser? Try things out so you know what suits you.
6. Beard styles also need a bit of looking after. Trim your beard regularly and investigate beard oils or conditioners.

Men’s Grooming Tips For the Modern Groom | CHWV

Image courtesy of Veil of Grace


7. Wedding day scents should be adorable, not overpowering so avoid the temptation to drown yourself in cologne and don’t forget a great deodorant too (ideally a non-marking variety, especially if you’re wearing a white shirt).
8. A trip to the dentist for a pre-wedding clean is always a good idea. Also, if you’re a die-hard coffee drinker of red wine buff, you might also want to consider a whitening treatment for dazzling photos.
9. Brows are another area to look at before the big day. Whether your pluck them yourself or visit a brow bar, stylish grooms always tidy up their brows.
10. Lastly, don’t feel guilty about looking after yourself. Knowing that you’re looking your best on your wedding day will give you a big dose of confidence so relax and enjoy being a well groomed groom!

Men’s Grooming Tips For the Modern Groom | CHWV

Image courtesy of Skyla Walton Photography


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