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Real Wedding - Zillia and Martyn’s Pastel Summer Wedding At Braxted Park

Zillia and Martyn’s Pastel Summer Wedding At Braxted Park | CHWV

This stunning wedding venue in Essex was just perfect for a beautiful summer celebration!

Zillia and Martyn were looking for a breathtaking setting for their wedding day which they could enjoy with all their nearest and dearest and celebrate in a wonderfully relaxed environment. When they came across Braxted Park; a magnificent country house wedding venue in Essex, they knew they had found ‘the one’.

“As soon as we drove up that amazing drive we knew it would be incredible,” says Zillia. “The main thing that swayed us were the gardens. Even looking around it in winter we knew that it would look stunning in the summer and could just imagine all our friends and family outside.”

Zillia and Martyn’s Pastel Summer Wedding At Braxted Park - The venue | CHWV

Dressing the venue

The happy couple didn’t want to go overboard when it came to decorating Braxted Park, preferring instead to work with beautiful colours and the natural beauty of the venue.

“We used whites, pastel pinks, peaches and greens as neither of us are big on bright colours,” explains Zillia. “With it being a summer wedding we wanted to keep it soft and subtle.”

Zillia and Martyn kept the decorations pretty low-key and let stunning flowers in their chosen colours do the talking. They also hung loads of colourful lanterns above the dance floor too for that perfect summery feel.

Zillia and Martyn’s Pastel Summer Wedding At Braxted Park - The decorations | CHWV

Looking the part

When it came to finding the ideal dress, Zillia had to look for something slightly different than she had envisaged.

“I’d always thought I would get married on a beach in a floaty maxi dress but instead found myself planning a full Essex wedding, so I knew I had to open my mind up to a dress that would probably be a little more “wedding dressy” than I imagined!” smiles Zillia. “My dress was from the Blue by Enzoani collection, and I bought it from Bellissima. I loved the lace detailing on the dress and where there was a gap between the lace into the tulle skirt until the hem.”

Martyn was dressed to impress too with a navy three-piece suit from Jack Bunneys in Essex, which he paired with a lighter blue polka dot tie and smart brown shoes.

Zillia’s bridesmaids looked stunning in a summery pastel tone that she had hoped they would really like but also feel comfortable in.

“I didn’t want to be a bridezilla and demand they wore something they didn’t like so comfort was my number one priority with their dresses and luckily they all loved them!”

Zillia and Martyn’s Pastel Summer Wedding At Braxted Park - The outfits | CHWV

The perfect day

The sun was shining for Zillia and Martyn’s big day, so they made the most of it by tying the knot outside in the idyllic Lower Knott Garden. They celebrated their newlywed status by enjoying a drinks reception with their friends and family in the Walled Garden, before heading into the Pavilion for a mouth-watering wedding breakfast, heartwarming speeches, and a night full of dancing and fun!

Although the happy couple loved every moment of their special day, there were a couple of moments which really stood out.

“I think the speeches were probably my favourite part,” says Zillia. “I cried my eyes out but all three were unbelievable and I will never forget them. Also, the dancing once the band were on. We all love a good dance and having all our family and friends together on the dancefloor was the best!”

If Zillia could give any advice to any bride and grooms-to-be out there it would be this:

“CHILL! Your wedding will be amazing whatever happens. Your dress might not fit perfectly, you might not get great weather but honestly, nothing could have spoiled that day for me.”

Zillia and Martyn’s Pastel Summer Wedding At Braxted Park - The best bits | CHWV

Images © Sam and Louise Photography

To find out more about this beautiful wedding venue in Essex, take a look at their listing page.

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