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Ten Questions To Ask Your Partner Before You Get Married

Ten Questions To Ask Your Partner Before You Get Married | CHWV

Some things are just too important not to talk about before your wedding day.

There are some things that just need to be talked about and these ten questions are definitely ones that you should be asking before you tie the knot. Believe us, it’ll save you a lot of falling out in the future if you do!

Ten Questions To Ask Your Partner Before You Get Married | CHWV

1. "Who's going to do the washing up?"

If you've lived with each other already, then you might have crossed this bridge before but it's important to delegate housework and chores, or at least have a rough idea of who is responsible for what. Talk about it and you'll find a balance that suits you both.

2. "Are you going to steal the covers EVERY night?"

We all experience a bit of duvet-greed every now and then but if there's something that your partner does that keeps you awake every night then it's important to bring it up. A good night's sleep is necessary for your health and well-being and can put a strain on your relationship.

3. "Do you have a dream?"

This might sound a little dramatic but if your partner has big (potentially life-changing) plans, no matter how distant they might be, then it's important that you know about them. It could mean moving house, a change to your social life, or something more extreme in the future, so it's best to be a little prepared for it in advance.

4. "Cats or dogs? Or neither?"

It's a debate that divides the nation but if you've set your heart on having a four-legged friend about the house and your partner is dead against it, it's definitely something you should talk about and reach a compromise on.

5. "Do you even know where the vacuum cleaner is kept?"

This runs deeper than just chores! Some people just can't live in a messy environment but it's not fair to let them do all the housework if that is the case. Respect their feelings and talk about both of your standards of cleanliness to find an achievable middle ground.

6. "Will we have kids? When? How many?"

If there's just one thing that you talk about on this list, make sure it's this point! It is vital that you know each other's plans and expectations before you tie the knot as you could quite easily find yourself wanting entirely different things out of life.

7. "What's your idea of a holiday?"

We all have our own idea of relaxation but if yours is the exact opposite of your partner's then you going to work to find something that you both enjoy for those precious few weeks off!

8. "What about my friends?"

Let's face it; we're not all lucky enough to have a sit-com-worthy, combined friendship group and your partner might not be happy being with your friends all the time. We know it's hard being so popular but you'll just have to learn to split your time between both your sets of friends!

9. "Is it going to be a ‘what's mine is yours' scenario?"

And if it, how far does it go? You might be happy enough to share your DVD collection and a Spotify account but what about when it comes to money? If one person earns more than the other, does that mean they will contribute more? It's a question only you and your partner can answer I'm afraid!

10. "Does your mum have to be involved in everything?"

Ah, the old mother-in-law issue! The presence (or lack) of the in-laws has been causing strife for generations and could be something that needs clarifying in your relationship. If you have a really close bond with your mum and dad and are planning on inviting them over every weekend, then it might be best to talk about it with your partner first!


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