The Complete Guide To Choosing Your Bridesmaids

The Complete Guide To Choosing Your Bridesmaids | CHWV

There’s no doubt about it, choosing your bridesmaids is a BIG deal. How do you select your maids from all of you fabulous friends?

How many is too many? What’s the best way to ask and who really should be on that final list? Don’t worry, we’re here to help with these top tips for choosing your bridesmaids.

1. You don’t have to return the favour

In the same way, you want your wedding to be different to your friends’ big days, it’s ok to want different bridesmaids too. Don’t feel that you must ask someone because you were their maid.

Start with a blank piece of paper, jot down the names of potential bridesmaids and think about the jobs that you might be asking them to do – who can you rely on?

2. Take your time

There’s no rush to ask people to be your bridesmaids. Take your time because once you’ve asked, it’s very hard to change your mind.

If your wedding date is more than a year away, it might be wise to wait for a while before you confirm your bridesmaids. Should you friends move away or have families of their own for example, bridesmaid duties might be too much to ask.

3. Think about personalities

Your bridesmaids are going to be working together as #TeamBride in the run up to the big day – will they all get on? Think about the personalities of those you’re asking.

Who complements your personality? If you’re super organised, it doesn’t matter if your chief bridesmaid is a bit more laid back. If you think you’re going to struggle with nerves, a bridesmaid who can keep you calm will be worth their weight in gold.

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4. Less is more

More bridesmaids doesn’t necessarily equal more help for you. A brilliant pair of maids might be all you need.

Female friends don’t have to be bridesmaids to be involved in your day. They could give readings, welcome guests or be a part of things in any way you choose.

Remember that if you’re going to be paying for or contributing to the cost of dresses and accessories for your maids, the more you have, the more money you’ll have to spend.

5. Old and new

There’s nothing to stop you mixing old and new friends and bringing together BFFs from school, university, work and beyond. They’ve all got one thing in common – you!

If you are mixing social groups, why not organise an afternoon tea or day out for your maids so they can all get to know each other before the wedding planning starts?

6. Trust your instincts

Deep down, you’ll know whether someone is going to make a great maid or not. Always trust your instincts and don’t ask someone just because you feel you ‘should’.

People don’t tend to change so as much as you might love a friend, if they’ve got a bit of a reputation for letting people down at the last minute then they might not be ideal bridesmaid material.

7. Ask them nicely

Make your friends feel special from the outset so pop the question in a way they’ll always remember. Take a look at these great ‘will you be my bridesmaid?’ ideas.

Be prepared for tears! Being asked to be a bridesmaid can be a really emotional moment so if your friends burst into tears, that’s ok!

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8. Family affair

It is always nice to involve your family in your wedding and there’s always space in the bridal party for a little flower girl or younger bridesmaid. Obviously, they might not get invited to your hen do but you’ll be loved forever if you ask them to be a part of your day.

If you are going to ask younger family members to be bridesmaids or flower girls, think about who you’ll ask, especially if there are a few children around the same age. Leaving anyone out can cause problems that might be better avoided.

9. It’s ok to be odd

We promise you there are no rules with bridesmaids! You don’t have to have an even number of maids, regardless of what people might tell you and you don’t even have to have more than one – it’s your day so choose your very best friends to share it with.

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